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Whatever Weekend – Whimsical Weddings

Okay, so that’s a lot of alliteration in the title.

Really, though, a friend of mine is planning a wedding, and it has me all nostalgic!

Tom and I have been married nearly 5 and a half years now.

Wedding 345

Photo by Tom Thompson

Our wedding was outdoors, with simple fall decorations (lots of plum and green,) and a laid back, picnic-style atmosphere, with a pie bar instead of wedding cake.


Photo by Tom Thompson

Mmmm pie.

It also makes me nostalgic for our friend Tiinia’s wedding. She and her husband, Kevin, were married on the haunt grounds where the work on Friday the 13th. Costumes were encouraged, and the style was a delightful combo of horror and glamorous vintage.


My friend, Tessa, is planning a simple, elegant ceremony, and an Alice in Wonderland themed reception. I’m so excited to help her with decorations for the reception! I’ve loved Alice since I was a little girl, and the possibilities are practically endless.

So, I’ve been working on some inspiration boards on Polyvore.com, a site where you can create your own boards for fashion, beauty, or just for fun.

Here’s some inspiration for her bridal and ceremony style:

tessabridal tessacolorscheme

Then there’s the reception:



We’ll be thrifting for tea cups, saucers, and pots, clocks, rabbits, and mushrooms, next week.

If you’re planning a wedding, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Keep a check list, and focus on marking one thing off at a time. Here’s a great list that helps you finish each to-do in time: The Knot Wedding Checklist.

2. Create a budget. Once you’ve decided what kind of venue you want (indoor or outdoor, formal or relaxed, etc.,) the kind of food you want to serve, and your wedding style, start working on your budget. If you don’t have all the money you need right now, open a savings account that you can add to each pay period to pay for upcoming costs. Use The Knot Wedding Budget along with your checklist.

3. Ask for help. Ask reliable friends and family to help with tasks you know they can manage. If you have a crafty friend, ask them to help with decorations. If you have an aunt who loves to bake, have her make edible favors, or even the wedding cake if she’s that awesome. Delegate responsibilities to your groomsmen and bridesmaids, like tailoring and dry cleaning, and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. You might feel the need to have your hand in everything to make sure it’s perfect, but it will be worth your sanity (and your beauty sleep!) to accept others’ help.

4. Enjoy your engagement. Make it a point to date during your engagement. Take time away from planning (turn off your electronics if you need to,) and just spend time with your significant other. The engagement flies by, so treasure every second!

Married? What was your wedding like? Any inspiration photos? Any advice you’d like to give brides to be?

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Make It Monday – Snafoo!

Well, I’ve run into a few problems with my current 3 DIY projects. I can’t find a broom skirt to make my summery dress, I can’t find little plastic ice cubes to make a cooling necklace, and haven’t found fabric I like for the window treatment project.

Why is it that when you actually want something, something that you see all the time but don’t need at that moment (ahem, broomskirtsandicecubes) you can’t find it?

This is definitely a craft snafoo!

So, I’m going on the hunt today. Thrift and dollar stores, look out!

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Tuesday’s Treasure – On Wednesday

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re aware that it’s one day, but it feels so much like a different day that it throws you off? I was so tired and useless on Monday that yesterday (Tuesday) felt like Monday and I totally forgot a blog post. Ooops! I have some good ones to share with you, too.

Pretty treasury made up entirely of decoration for your decolletage by our friend from Etsy817, larkspurstudios:

16 Reasons To Fancify Your Neck by larkspurstudios

 I’ve made 2 treasuries in the past week under our new account, JuJu Eyeball. One showcases members of the AbbyNormal team:

Weird Is The New Black by moi

The other is for all the troublemaking men out there, who we love so much. Featuring members of the Clickety team:

Here Comes Trouble! by moi

Don’t forget – Father’s Day is Sunday! If you are fortunate enough for you father to still be around, be sure to at least send him a card to tell him you love him.

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Whatever Weekend – Arts & Crafts Season, Part 2

Wow. Where did this week go? It’s suddenly October, and there are a million things on my to-do list! I need this week back.

Since I’ve seen so many posts from newbie show vendors this week, I thought I’d add to last weekend’s Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Checklist, by typing up The Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Tips. It’s a list of suggestions to help get you through the day with as few snafus as possible. After all, who likes snafus? I like saying “snafu,” but that’s about it.

One thing I have gotten done on my to-do list is the collection of cross keychains for the show:

I decided to use some of the vintage faux pearls I inhereted, and I think they turned out pretty well! Next, I’m working on some beaded lace statement necklaces and earrings.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Whatever Weekend – Arts & Crafts Season

Whatever weekend is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s what weekends are supposed to be all about! (Except for those of us who work on weekends, but … well, whatever.)

I can’t help notice a hot topic all over etsy has been the arts and crafts shows that are held in droves this time of year. The fall weather is perfect for outside festivals, the winter weather is great for bringing buyers indoors to see what you’re selling, and you can almost bet on the fact that people haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet. Vendors are gearing up for all the excitement, and new artists and crafters are being added to the sign-up sheets as we speak.

If you’re new to this side of the business and you’re planning on reserving that first booth, you’re entering an exciting new world. A world were people speak face to face instead of through electronic message; a world where people can touch, smell, or taste your items. There’s so much to take advantage of, and so much preparation.

So, to make things a little less daunting, I’ve put together the Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Checklist of things you might need before you start selling, whether you’ll be indoors or out. Of course, you might not need everything on the list, so feel free to ignore or mark out those things – you wont’ hurt my feelings. You may also need to add a few things to the list, which you can handily do at the bottom. There are even little “check circles” to the left of each item – just print it out and check ’em off! Most of all, talk to your craft show neighbors, be polite, professional, and firm, and have fun. Oh, and don’t forget your checklist.

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Shopping Vintage Clothing: Overwhelmed? 3 Things To Ask Yourself

Things Aren't Always What They Seem - Vintage Dickey Under Jacket


With the recent resurgence in popularity of vintage clothing, lots of people are heading to their local thrift stores, resale shops, estate sales, and online to find the coolest items to add to their wardrobes. If you’re one of those people who has jumped on the groovy VW bus bandwagon of vintage, here are some questions to ask when you shop:

1. Is it really vintage? One of the best things you can do as a vintage buyer is to educate yourself. Vintage clothing is 20-25 years old or older (not exceeding 100 years, in which case it becomes antique.) The strict rule is 25 years or older, but sites like etsy.com have adopted the 20 year rule. Still, it can be tricky to tell the difference between late eighties and early nineties, or fourties fashion versus seventies fashion due to the “trend cycles” of the decades. (This can even be difficult for experienced sellers sometimes!) So, do a little research on your favorite kinds of vintage. If you like the bohemian look, research the sixties and seventies styles, fabrics, and designers a little. If you like the 80’s rocker look, do the same. After a little education, you’ll be able to take clues like the tags, the fabric content, and the manufacturer, and make a wise decision.

2. Is it worth the investment? Sometimes the value of a vintage piece is what you’re willing to pay for it, and not actually what the item is worth. If you find something, say, a fabulous sparkly sequined top from the 70’s, that you can’t live without, you might pay more for it. That’s fine! Just be sure that you understand the worth of what you’re buying. Unfortunately, some vintage sellers take advantage of the trend (or make an honest mistake) and inflate prices on items that aren’t really worth that much. So, if an item seems expensive ask yourself, “Is it in excellent condition? Does it still have the tags? Is it a designer piece that would have cost more in its original decade? Is there something special about the design, color, or fabric? Is it a highly collectible or sought after piece?” This might take a little googling (checking out the designer and popularity), but it’s worth it to spend your money wisely!

3. Will I wear it?  Yeah, it seems simple enough. Really, though, that seventies pantsuit might look outta sight on the hanger, but will you actually wear it? Try it on just like any other piece of clothing if you can, and ask yourself if it coordinates with other things in your closet. Is it a classic piece that can withstand the trends? Do you care? If you don’t love it, leave it. It’s no fun if it just hangs in your closet.

Obviously, the more vintage you shop for, the easier it will get. Even if you find out you’ve made a mistake later, at least you will have bought a piece that you really love to wear.

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Scorchin’ Summertime

And Slurpin’ Sherbet:

Our Third Treasury

One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is by eating rainbow sherbet, and other colorful, fruity treats. Snow cones, fruit pops, and push pops all top the list, too! Can you tell it’s hot here?

Click on the cool items listed in the treasury, and share the Love!


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