Tuesday’s Treasure – On Wednesday

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re aware that it’s one day, but it feels so much like a different day that it throws you off? I was so tired and useless on Monday that yesterday (Tuesday) felt like Monday and I totally forgot a blog post. Ooops! I have some good ones to share with you, too.

Pretty treasury made up entirely of decoration for your decolletage by our friend from Etsy817, larkspurstudios:

16 Reasons To Fancify Your Neck by larkspurstudios

 I’ve made 2 treasuries in the past week under our new account, JuJu Eyeball. One showcases members of the AbbyNormal team:

Weird Is The New Black by moi

The other is for all the troublemaking men out there, who we love so much. Featuring members of the Clickety team:

Here Comes Trouble! by moi

Don’t forget – Father’s Day is Sunday! If you are fortunate enough for you father to still be around, be sure to at least send him a card to tell him you love him.

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