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Friday’s Favorites – Handmade Holidays!

This month, we participated in Etsy 817’s first show – Handmade Holidays! As members and vendors, we were excited to see how it all turned out. Other than some issues with signage and the university, including employees forgetting to lock the downstairs entrance to the upstairs jogging track above our gym (helloooo, random joggers above our heads,) it was a great show!

I have to say, I was impressed by the variety and quality of the vendors’ items. We’ve been to lots of shows, and jewelry and baby items can sometimes dominate the scene. (Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t give you many choices!)

We had a bit of a snafu with our setup, but that was quickly remedied by nice neighbors and the show organizers. Here’s how it looked:


To check out pics of the other amazing vendors, go here.

Luckily, we had my hubby with us to help setup, and got to browse the show and do some Christmas shopping! I bought some yummy smelling soaps from Clover Hollow, Iron Man coasters for the bro in law from Make It Sick, a bookmark for the MIL from Book-Inz (our neighbors!) and some local photog prints.

Hoping all of you had a merry Christmas!

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Make It Monday – A Cheap, In-Home Art Installment

Hey guys, it’s good to be back! The break has been great so far, and I’ve also gotten a lot done.

I was browsing through design*sponge’s DIY section (again) when I stumbled on the clothespin mirror that had caught my eye before.

Click here for the mirror tutorial!

I’ve always had a fascination with the simplicity of design in utilitarian things like clothespins and paper clips. We didn’t necessarily need another mirror in the apartment, although I looked for one just in case, so I decided to create a funky art installment in the newly empty entryway (RIP Bandit & Rogue, our little mischevious rats.) After buying about 150 clothespins for $4 at Dollar Tree, I came home and grabbed some steel wire I already had lying around. If you don’t have steel wire just “lying around,” you can pick a spool up at a hardware store for a few dollars. Then, I created circular shapes with the wire and covered the shapes in hot-glued clothespins. Et viola! A less-than-ten-dollar, funky, retro collection of what looks to me like clothespin “bubbles” in mid-pop.

The first of a collection of clothespin "bubbles."

They’re not perfect, but I like them. I can’t wait to add a few more (I still have clothespins left,) wrapping onto the adjoining wall. By the way, aren’t our cinderblocks just lovely? The brown plastic baseboards add a nice touch, I think. ūüėČ Hence the attempt to warm things up a bit and make the place feel like home! This is a great, quick, weekend or evening project that you can do by yourself or easily get kids involved.

Tell me what you think – do you/would you use office supplies to decorate your place?

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Whatever Weekend ‚Äď Arts & Crafts Season

Whatever weekend is¬†exactly what it sounds like, and it’s what weekends are supposed to be all about! (Except for those of us who work on weekends, but … well, whatever.)

I can’t help notice a¬†hot topic all over etsy¬†has been¬†the arts and crafts shows that are held in droves¬†this time of year. The fall weather is perfect¬†for outside festivals, the winter weather is great for bringing¬†buyers indoors to see what you’re selling, and you can almost¬†bet on the fact that people¬†haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet.¬†Vendors are gearing up for all the excitement, and new artists and crafters¬†are being added to the sign-up sheets as we speak.

If you’re¬†new to this side of the business and you’re planning on reserving¬†that first booth, you’re entering an exciting new¬†world. A world were people speak face to face instead of through electronic message; a¬†world where people can touch, smell, or taste your items. There’s so much to take advantage of, and so much preparation.

So, to make things a little¬†less¬†daunting,¬†I’ve put together¬†the¬†Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Checklist¬†of things you might need before you start selling, whether you’ll be indoors or out.¬†Of course, you might not need everything on the list, so¬†feel free to¬†ignore or mark out those things – you wont’ hurt my feelings.¬†You may also need to add a few things to the list, which you can handily do at the bottom. There are even little “check circles” to the left of each item –¬†just print it out and check¬†’em off! Most of all, talk to your craft show neighbors, be polite, professional, and firm, and have fun. Oh, and don’t forget your checklist.

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