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Thoughtful Thursday: A new show, a great Etsy artist feature!

So, I’ve been sick for the past week with a really ugly cold, and I found a relatively new syfy channel show on hulu called “Face Off” to take my mind off of it. The show is right up my alley – a competition (think “Project Runway”) for special effects makeup artists! Now, you have to understand that I’ve wanted to do SFX since I was about 12 or 13 years old – right around the time I also wanted to be a forensic pathologist. So, I’m super excited about the show!

I watched all of the episodes available on hulu (from season 1, episode 5 to the first episode of season 2,) and when I got to the first episode of season 2, I noticed something. One of the contestants standing on the front row was wearing a cute headband that looked awfully familiar. It dawned on me that it might be a design of one of my favorite etsy artists, Janine Basil, so I sent her a message about it. Sure enough, it’s hers! Several people had already contacted her about it, but she can’t watch the episode. The show’s not available in the UK, and neither is hulu. So, Janine, I hope you can view this:


You can view Janine’s headband at about 15:55, worn by the contestant standing front and center with long blond hair. Check out Janine’s shop for more amazing designs: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JanineBasil.

Anyway, the show has inspired me to pursue SFX techniques. I contacted a couple of makeup artist friends who also have experience with special effects, and they both gave me some great tips. One of them even offered to teach me! Now that’s a great start to a new year.

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Who Am I? Where Am I?

So, blogworld, here you are again. I’ve left you for too long!

This weekend, come visit us at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar at the Etsy 817 Make & Take booth. We’ll be making cute ornaments and doing origami, and we’d love to meet you!

Click me!

It’s October, and, of course, I’ve submerged myself in preparing for Halloween. This year at our church’s Trunk Or Treat, Tom and I are going to be a pirate and a mermaid. The trunk? A giant shell. This is not as easy as it seemed in my head, but I worked a little magic with foam board, acrylic paints and the obligatory glitter. I’ll post pics of the finished product later!

I’ve also been working on the Winter Wonderland Festival, and making items for goodie bags and our booth at the Etsy 817 Handmade Holidays show. Oh, yeah, and the Tri C. I finished revamping our game room, and must now move on to other rooms in need of some TLC.

In other words, life is completely insane and dragging me down with it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out our shops for new pretties! (Links to the right of the page.)

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Weird Wednesday & Life Update – (Eye)Balls!

After taking a break from blogging to deal with life, I’m back. A little worse for the wear, but I’m here!

First, an update: My aunt passed away Thursday before last, and her memorial is this weekend. It will be held at the location my aunt and her husband were married, and we’re doing a casual potluck. I’m really glad, too, because, like my aunt, I am not a fan of the “wear black and a somber expression” tradition. In the midst of all of this, though, I had to take my mom to the ER for chest pains and shortness of breath. Luckily, I guess, we were already at the hospital for a different test. She was admitted and stayed for four days before being released yesterday. We’re both exhausted, but the hope the doctors and nurses gave her for recovery is fantastic. The doctor was able to manage meds that should have been managed a long time ago by her primary care doc, and she’s already feeling better than she was before she went into the hospital.

Needless to say, we haven’t had time to make much for the etsy shops. I was able to take some pictures of a few little guys that need to be listed today, though! (Etsy’s site is down, so I’m waiting patiently, looking up youtube videos and blog posts …)

A happy family of fuzzy eyeballs!

So far, these googly fuzzballs are being turned into earrings, but I’d like to see what they look like on bracelets and necklaces.

Also, some exciting news! The etsy team we’re involved in, Etsy817, is hosting a holiday craft show called Handmade Holidays this December in Arlington, TX!

Click on the logo for more info!

Hope you’re all having a stress-free week as summer winds down and all the kids and teachers go back to that crazy thing called school!

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Friday’s Favorites – Etsy 817!

We’re proud new members of the Etsy817 team! It’s a group of Etsians strictly in the 817 area code, which covers a good chunk of the DFW area. Here are a few of our favorite things from 817 members:

Etsy817 Discovery Treasury

If you’re near Arlington, you can also check out some of the 817ers (including us!) at the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market Craft Show on Saturday, April 9, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come see us, and promote small, local handmade and agricultural business! Arrive early if you want dibs – the veggies and the crafts go quickly.

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Whatever Weekend – Arts & Crafts Season

Whatever weekend is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s what weekends are supposed to be all about! (Except for those of us who work on weekends, but … well, whatever.)

I can’t help notice a hot topic all over etsy has been the arts and crafts shows that are held in droves this time of year. The fall weather is perfect for outside festivals, the winter weather is great for bringing buyers indoors to see what you’re selling, and you can almost bet on the fact that people haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet. Vendors are gearing up for all the excitement, and new artists and crafters are being added to the sign-up sheets as we speak.

If you’re new to this side of the business and you’re planning on reserving that first booth, you’re entering an exciting new world. A world were people speak face to face instead of through electronic message; a world where people can touch, smell, or taste your items. There’s so much to take advantage of, and so much preparation.

So, to make things a little less daunting, I’ve put together the Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Checklist of things you might need before you start selling, whether you’ll be indoors or out. Of course, you might not need everything on the list, so feel free to ignore or mark out those things – you wont’ hurt my feelings. You may also need to add a few things to the list, which you can handily do at the bottom. There are even little “check circles” to the left of each item – just print it out and check ’em off! Most of all, talk to your craft show neighbors, be polite, professional, and firm, and have fun. Oh, and don’t forget your checklist.

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