Whatever Weekend – Arts & Crafts Season

Whatever weekend is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s what weekends are supposed to be all about! (Except for those of us who work on weekends, but … well, whatever.)

I can’t help notice a hot topic all over etsy has been the arts and crafts shows that are held in droves this time of year. The fall weather is perfect for outside festivals, the winter weather is great for bringing buyers indoors to see what you’re selling, and you can almost bet on the fact that people haven’t finished their Christmas shopping yet. Vendors are gearing up for all the excitement, and new artists and crafters are being added to the sign-up sheets as we speak.

If you’re new to this side of the business and you’re planning on reserving that first booth, you’re entering an exciting new world. A world were people speak face to face instead of through electronic message; a world where people can touch, smell, or taste your items. There’s so much to take advantage of, and so much preparation.

So, to make things a little less daunting, I’ve put together the Ultimate Arts & Crafts Show Checklist of things you might need before you start selling, whether you’ll be indoors or out. Of course, you might not need everything on the list, so feel free to ignore or mark out those things – you wont’ hurt my feelings. You may also need to add a few things to the list, which you can handily do at the bottom. There are even little “check circles” to the left of each item – just print it out and check ’em off! Most of all, talk to your craft show neighbors, be polite, professional, and firm, and have fun. Oh, and don’t forget your checklist.

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2 responses to “Whatever Weekend – Arts & Crafts Season

  1. Oh no!! Chelsea that was neat list!!
    Definitely rows of items I will need for craft show. Thank you very much for your time making such a helpful list.


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