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Friday’s Favorites – Keeping It Local

Happy first Friday of 2014, everyone! It’s a good day.

We love our team Etsy Fort Worth linkup parties. If you have a Facebook page you want to share, click here for free advertising and networking:

Etsy Fort Worth


We have two new favorite Etsy shops from the DFW area!

Wolf Blue Design creates one of a kind and custom stained glass pieces, ceramic art, handmade rustic tools, and more from Grand Prairie, TX. Just take a look at this gorgeous stained glass:





The Fairy Mermaid whips up wings, crowns, and other magical things from Arlington, TX! These charming, unique wings would look adorable on any aspiring fairy:

White Fairy Wings With Button Accents (Made by The Button Fairy)

Plus, she really is a beautiful fairy mermaid! Check out her website to book her for events.


Now that I think about it, things are a little fishy around here today …

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Thoughtful Thursday – We have a new furever friend!


My mom and I had to put her sweet baby dog, Jewel, to sleep a few weeks ago. She was really a member of our little family, and was a wonderful Yorkie. Though she was initially supposed to be mine, I was gone for the first few days after she came home with us, so she bonded with my mom, and became hers. She was sassy, funny, and fiercely protective. She showed her gratitude for being rescued in every way imaginable, and we will miss her so much!

005Today, though, we brought home a new dog for Mom! His name (right now) is Sam/Sammy/Samson (he was called Sammy at the shelter,) and he’s a Shiba Inu/Terrier mix. He’s very handsome, well behaved, curious, strong-willed, and so sweet. He seems to be right at home with her, and likes me, too, which is kind of a requirement.

It’s so wonderful to have such awesome animals in our lives. From iguanas to rodents to dogs, my mom, my husband, and I have all experienced lots of joy, better emotional and physical health, and extra love because of it. I hope our little man, Bee, and Sam get along well as playmates. We’ll introduce them soon, after Sam recuperates from his operation. Just in time for Christmas – I can’t wait!

019 - Copy

If you’re looking for a pet, please consider adoption as your first choice. Take a look at your city’s shelter website – they’re often updated daily with new dogs and cats. We found Sam at Arlington Animal Services, and there were other dogs we liked as well. So the hard part won’t be finding an animal, it’ll be resisting the urge to take more than one home.

What kind of pets have added joy to your life?

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Tuesday’s Treasure – Texas Harmony

Now that Etsy 817 and Etsy Fort Worth have merged, I’m seeing all kinds of new content from new people!

Here’s a look at the EFW blog, and the latest team treasury: http://www.etsyfortworth.com/2013/04/great-gift-ideasno-fooling.html

Here’s a pretty, springy green treasury by my friend Amy from Larkspur Studio:

Spring Green Larkspur Studios


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Etsy 817, Meet Etsy Fort Worth (And Happy Easter!)


Happy Easter, everyone! However you’re celebrating today, or if you’re just enjoying a nice spring day, we’re wishing you a good one filled with family, friends, and peace.

There’s big change going on in the Etsy team world this season. (Appropriate, huh?) Our local Etsy team, Etsy817, and another local team, Etsy Fort Worth, have decided to merge! This was a compliment to our smaller, newer team, to have Etsy Fort Worth, a group that puts on a large annual show and has a huge following, show interest in us. It’s also practical, seeing as our team leaders were planning on implementing some new team guidelines that Etsy Fort Worth also had in the works, and several of our team members were already a part of EFW. We’ll be working together to create a more active team collectively, and to promote handmade and vintage in the Arlington, H/E/B, and Fort Worth area, which covers a large chunk of Texas, y’all. We’re having our first meeting as partners in a few days, so I can’t wait to meet some new faces and talk about the game plan.


To learn more about Etsy Fort Worth, visit the website: http://www.etsyfortworth.com/

Like I said, we’re all about promoting handmade and vintage, so if you have a website or an Etsy store you’d like to share, be sure to list it on this week’s linkup post!

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Handmade Holidays 2012 & What I’m Making

So excited to be a part of Etsy817’s Handmade Holidays again this year! Last year we had the show in one of the gyms in the UTA activity center, but this year it’s in Arlington’s Lincoln Square, which is a large shopping center on the north side of the city. The team leaders were able to find a couple of spaces available for rent, and are currently hoping to upgrade to the larger space due to the massive amounts of vendor applications sent in this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the bigger space comes through, because it’s going to be an awesome show already. If you’re in the area and interested in more info, check out the Etsy817 blog here.

Since the show is going to be here before we know it (in early December,) Mom and I are both in serious creative mode. I’ve been hanging on to some pretty crocheted pieces my grandmother made and left to us, wondering what I should do with them, when it hit me. I’ve been into the trend of body harnesses and jewelry for a long time now. In fact, one of my favorite treasures is a beaded hand harness (ring/bracelet combo) that my grandmother gave me for Christmas years and years ago. Now, of course, it’s this huge trend, and I’ve been thinking of ways I could make the trend my own to sell in the shop. Enter the crocheted squares, hearts, teardrops, flowers, and circles that have been taking up space in one of my many plastic storage containers! So, I started hand beaded each of them, adding charms and buttons, picturing how each piece would lay as jewelry. Add chain, and you have very fall & winter appropriate shoulder and body harnesses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, what do you think? It takes a certain person to brave body harnesses, I think, but I’m one of those people! I hope that these pieces are distinct enough that people will want to wear them over sweaters and blazers as the weather gets cooler. If you’d like to make your own, easy and understated chain body harness, take a look at this easy to follow tutorial.

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Thoughtful Thursday – Back On Track

I’ve taken some time off from blogging since my aunt’s passing to regroup, delve into some big projects here at the Tri C, and help take care of my mom. There’s lots going on right now with her health, and she’s getting ready to schedule surgery for a torn rotator cuff (due to the multiple falls she’s had since the development of polyneuropathy.)

My aunt’s memorial went well. It was a little awkward, since the only time our family has met her husband’s family was their wedding, but overall it was nice and relaxed. Things have been so busy that I’ve barely had time to let it sink in. I’m thankful for all of the creative outlets I have, including a major makeover here at the Tri C! We spent 3 days painting one of the back rooms to transform into a game room, and it’s almost done. I’ll post pictures when it’s finished (kicking myself for not getting “before” pictures!) Next, we have a lounge, a devotional room, and a library to work on. No shortage of interior decorating practice, that’s for sure.

Etsy817 is on fire right now, since we’re planning a “make and take” booth at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar in Ft. Worth, a float for the Arlington Parade of Lights, and the Handmade Holidays arts and crafts show at UTA, all within the next few months!

Click the button on the right sidebar for more info!

To top it all off, there’s the 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Festival at church (Park Row Church of Christ,) of which I am the official event coordinator. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we had to move the festival up a few weeks, which puts a crunch on planning. I can’t wait to make it bigger and better than last year!

Click me for more info!

Once I get the game room completed, I’m going to have to carve out time each day to make new items to list and sell at the upcoming shows. I’m welcoming that quiet, creative time with tired but open arms.

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Weird Wednesday – Our New Etsy Shop!

We’re so excited! We’re opening up a new Etsy shop, JuJuEyeball, as the twisted sister store to Buy Me Love. It’s the place where all of our weirder, wilder creations will live, and we can’t wait to fill it to the brim with strangeness. Teaser: Mom is working on a hat featuring a vintage doll head, and I’m working on little wearable monsters.

We’re really feeling the itch to let loose creatively, and while we love making pretty, frilly, sparkly things for Buy Me Love, our true passion for creativity comes from a slightly more demented place. One of the reasons we love this job is because we’re allowed to have the best of both worlds!

So, I’ve set up the shop and I’m working on a banner and avatar to make the place feel more like home so we can start filling it with “artful oddities to wear and admire.” Keep an eye out! (Hardy har.)

Other exciting news:

Join us and team Etsy817 for facepainting and fun this Sunday evening starting at 5 pm. Click the pic for more info!

 I’ll be hanging out with our friends in team Etsy817 at the free face painting booth! We’ll be promoting the team and all of the shops that make up Etsy817, including BML. If that’s not cool enough for ya, we’re giving away handmade prizes from participating shops! The celebration is going on all weekend, from Friday through Sunday, in Dalworthington Gardens. Check out this blog post for more info.

Hope to see you there!

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