Thoughtful Thursday – We have a new furever friend!


My mom and I had to put her sweet baby dog, Jewel, to sleep a few weeks ago. She was really a member of our little family, and was a wonderful Yorkie. Though she was initially supposed to be mine, I was gone for the first few days after she came home with us, so she bonded with my mom, and became hers. She was sassy, funny, and fiercely protective. She showed her gratitude for being rescued in every way imaginable, and we will miss her so much!

005Today, though, we brought home a new dog for Mom! His name (right now) is Sam/Sammy/Samson (he was called Sammy at the shelter,) and he’s a Shiba Inu/Terrier mix. He’s very handsome, well behaved, curious, strong-willed, and so sweet. He seems to be right at home with her, and likes me, too, which is kind of a requirement.

It’s so wonderful to have such awesome animals in our lives. From iguanas to rodents to dogs, my mom, my husband, and I have all experienced lots of joy, better emotional and physical health, and extra love because of it. I hope our little man, Bee, and Sam get along well as playmates. We’ll introduce them soon, after Sam recuperates from his operation. Just in time for Christmas – I can’t wait!

019 - Copy

If you’re looking for a pet, please consider adoption as your first choice. Take a look at your city’s shelter website – they’re often updated daily with new dogs and cats. We found Sam at Arlington Animal Services, and there were other dogs we liked as well. So the hard part won’t be finding an animal, it’ll be resisting the urge to take more than one home.

What kind of pets have added joy to your life?

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