Whatever Weekend – Winter Inspiration

Happy Saturday!

The ginormous church festival I’ve been assigned to plan is only 3 weeks away now, and things are looking great. Ideas have gotten bigger and bigger; pictures with Santa inspired story time with Mrs. Claus, and a jazz band inspired a strings group. It’s been a huge undertaking unlike anything I’ve ever done before, planning this festival with few financial resources and little time to get it all together.  It’s also been fun to put my frugal nature to work to see what I can come up with! I’ve had help from some pretty amazing people,  and more people have volunteered in ways from networking to donating their design skills to making phone calls and sending out emails.

If you’ve ever planned an event like this, you know that a little inspiration can go a long way. My inspiration for even asking if the church held a festival was that we, as a business, needed a new venue where we could set up a booth – now look where I am! I’m the event planner, and there’s a vendor sale, a raffle, a bake sale, carnival games, crafts, Santa & Mrs. Claus, 3 live music acts … it’s pretty awesome.

This is some of my inspiration for the Town Square (vendor room,) The Sweet Shop (bake sale,) and Santa’s Workshop (kids craft section):

Here’s how the flyers turned out:

And the banner (made by my awesome brother in law!):

And, finally, the website:

This week, I’ll be planning carnival games, layout, and getting together teams for each set of events. We’ll be vacationing from our etsy site the day of the festival, so I’ll also be working on adding more items to the site, and making more for the booth! Wish me sanity.

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  1. What a fun project. LOTS of WORK I know , but what a great way to use your creative ability.
    Good Luck. And Thank God for volunteers !

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