Etsy 817, Meet Etsy Fort Worth (And Happy Easter!)


Happy Easter, everyone! However you’re celebrating today, or if you’re just enjoying a nice spring day, we’re wishing you a good one filled with family, friends, and peace.

There’s big change going on in the Etsy team world this season. (Appropriate, huh?) Our local Etsy team, Etsy817, and another local team, Etsy Fort Worth, have decided to merge! This was a compliment to our smaller, newer team, to have Etsy Fort Worth, a group that puts on a large annual show and has a huge following, show interest in us. It’s also practical, seeing as our team leaders were planning on implementing some new team guidelines that Etsy Fort Worth also had in the works, and several of our team members were already a part of EFW. We’ll be working together to create a more active team collectively, and to promote handmade and vintage in the Arlington, H/E/B, and Fort Worth area, which covers a large chunk of Texas, y’all. We’re having our first meeting as partners in a few days, so I can’t wait to meet some new faces and talk about the game plan.


To learn more about Etsy Fort Worth, visit the website:

Like I said, we’re all about promoting handmade and vintage, so if you have a website or an Etsy store you’d like to share, be sure to list it on this week’s linkup post!

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