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Thoughtful Thursday – Crafting Blues

I am not going to lie – the end of last year was rough. Lots of sickness, we lost my dad, my uncle, and our family dog, and an all-around transitional period of life kind of melded together to create a big ball of sadness and stress. So, as we make our way into the new year, we’re trying to focus on the business and just being creative again. It’s hard to be inspired when you feel blue, but sometimes just making something, not related to gift giving, or putting up on Etsy, but just about making something that you like for fun, can sometimes lead to more creativity.

Today, it’s eyeball earrings. I’ve been wondering what to do with these round, white, retro, blank canvas earrings since I got them (a couple of years ago …?) They’ve been sitting in one of my many jewelry supply boxes, and I’d pick them up occasionally, turn them over, then put them back. It dawned on me today that they’d make perfect eyeballs, so I decoupaged some pupil/iris printouts on them today just for fun, and I like the way they turned out so much that I think I’ll keep this pair for myself, and list the rest in JuJu Eyeball!


Reason number 4,231 why working from home is awesome is that you don’t have to put on makeup or style your hair all the time. 🙂

So, today I’m wishing you happiness and creativity – get a little messy, and nourish your soul at the same time!

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R.I.P. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan No1 by essenceofus

Today is the 20th anniversary of the helicopter crash that ended Stevie Ray Vaughan’s life. One of the most talented musicians and performers of all time, he lives in the hearts of many Texans, and others all over the world who continue to love his music.
Mom met him and played pool with him several times. One of our best friend’s little boy wouldn’t fall asleep to anything but Stevie Ray when he was a newborn. I remember watching PBS specials of “Austin City Limits,” and marvelling at his guitar skills and raspy voice as a kid. I still stop and watch those specials when they come on.
For more on the man: Biography

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