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A Gatsby Summer

I’ve taken a break from making treasuries for a while, partially because of time restraints, and partly because I couldn’t come up with any interesting themes for a collection. I have to confess, I haven’t read “The Great Gatsby,” but it’s on my long list of books. With Baz Lurhmann’s version out in film this summer, though, people are going wild for the the roaring twenties, a decade that’s been one of my favorites since I was about 12 years old.

So, here’s my nod to the 1920’s, with hints at Gatsby, and plenty of glamour.


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Tuesday’s Treasure: With Mom In Mind

Mother’s Day is coming up fast on Sunday, May 12! Take a look at the beautiful new Etsy Fort Worth Mother’s Day Treasury:




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Friday’s Favorites – Strange Strange Strange

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday! Fridays have a little more meaning than usual (working from home tends to blur the days) now that Tom doesn’t have classes on Fridays. It’s like a 3 day weekend every weekend – pretty awesome.

Here’s a few favorites under our JuJu Eyeball shop name:

Pac Man Ghost Felted Sculpture by fibrous


Hermand Munster Small Canvas Pastel by lollyart


Steampunk Art Print - Hot Air Balloon Steamship by thefiligree

Looking at them, it all hasĀ a very dreamlike quality – slightly blurry edges or light blues, greens, greys … makes me sleepy!

Here’s to the end of a week!

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