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Dark Beauty

Take a gander at these wonderful photos taken by Evelyn Murphy (makeup by our friend, Tiinia Auler) featuring Mom’s custom horn headpiece. At least one photo from this shoot will be featured in Dark Beauty Magazine – so exciting!

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First show of the season – Art Hunger

Just wanted to share some pictures of our first show of the season, and our first show representing our newest shop, JuJu Eyeball!

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The day was slow (we guessed that about 20 customers passed by our booth,) due to little advertising, a festival down the street blocking traffic, and an electrical outage issue on the block. We did make some new vendor friends, and made a couple of great contacts with customers! Mom sold a couple of her sand castings and that was it, but the booth fee was very inexpensive. We ended up spending a little money on ourselves and for Christmas presents, and my husband (while running home to get the purse I forgot, and the wallet he didn’t realize he left at home until he was on his way back) brought one of our good friends back with him, so we ended up having a great time.

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