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Join us for a good scare!

You may remember the custom orders we did for our friend, Tiinia, and her Friday the 13th wedding at a Dallas haunted house’s grounds (which was all featured on Offbeat Bride – how cool is that?)


We’ve become friends with Tiinia and her husband Kevin, who play delightfully creepy characters at 13th Street, and Alex, the owner/operator of the haunt grounds, and we’re constantly in awe of their talents!

Several weeks ago, our friend Stephanie from Studio Longoria sent me a message with a great idea. Since we (JuJu Eyeball) and another of our Etsy teammates, Amy of Larkspur Studio and Frankensister all sell Halloween appropriate items, why shouldn’t we contact some local haunted houses to see if we could set up shop on the grounds?

I instantly thought of Alex and his awesome haunts, 13th Street Morgue and Dungeon of Doom (which neighbor Reindeer Manor.)


So, I got in touch with him, and we’ll be setting up booths this Friday, 10/18, and next Friday, 10/25; we’re so excited! It’s definitely a unique job. It’s not an arts and crafts “show” or convention, and we won’t be working typical show hours, which are usually morning to mid afternoon, or afternoon to evening. Nope, we’ll be set up in time for the houses to open at 8, and we’ll close the place down around 12:30 a.m. So, if you’re in the DFW area, and you’re looking for some fantastic Halloween fun (maybe after a Friday night football game?) come out and see us!

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First show of the season – Art Hunger

Just wanted to share some pictures of our first show of the season, and our first show representing our newest shop, JuJu Eyeball!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day was slow (we guessed that about 20 customers passed by our booth,) due to little advertising, a festival down the street blocking traffic, and an electrical outage issue on the block. We did make some new vendor friends, and made a couple of great contacts with customers! Mom sold a couple of her sand castings and that was it, but the booth fee was very inexpensive. We ended up spending a little money on ourselves and for Christmas presents, and my husband (while running home to get the purse I forgot, and the wallet he didn’t realize he left at home until he was on his way back) brought one of our good friends back with him, so we ended up having a great time.

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Weird Wednesday – Animals & Instruments

Today’s Weird Wednesday is inspired by animals, instruments, and sometimes both at the same time! (Oh, and the first print, because it’s so cool.)

Music Smokeblot for ClocksForSeeing

I Feel Weird Print by laurageorge
Holding Down The Bottom by Jtnee
Instrumental Oddities T Shirt by phippsart
Handknitted Meerkat Saxophonist by niftyknits

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Tuesday’s Treasure – Treasury Jackpot

Beside the flu shot throbbing in my left arm (still – go get one!), this has been a great week. We’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in 4 treasuries since last weekend:

I Wonder If Monkeys And Bats Can Be Friends by alterdelenda

Maintain Simplicity by merriweathercouncil

The Curious Estate of Dr. And Mrs. Jedediah Tinnan, Lot 443 by palimpsestic

Stitching Together The Fabric Of Our Lives by ohlookitsarabbit

I’m not sure what brought on the treasury madness, but I like it!

This week, I’m cleaning up the apartment for a Premiere Jewelry Party I’m hosting for a friend. I’m also getting our Halloween costumes together! I found a cheap Dorothy costume, and am working on the scarecrow costume and background for Trunk Or Treat. After that, all we need is some thrifty clothing for a werewolf costume and we’re set.

Mom and I are getting ready for a yard sale next weekend, which will hopefully be a huge success so she’ll have less to move when she finds a new place. Also hoping the weather stays sunny and cool – prime sale conditions.

Hope everyone is having a great week, too!

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