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Treasure Tuesday – The “Normal” Life

Dear readers,

I didn’t think I would be away from you for so long! I hope you all had wonderful holidays, and that your new year has started well. It’s been since before Christmas that I blogged anything, and there’s so much to tell you!

We’ve moved into the new apartment (almost completely) and are settling in here at the Tri-C (Christian Campus Center.) Today is the first day of classes, so I’m interested to see what it’s like now that the building will have people inside. We’re connected to the coffee and tea house, so the apartment should smell delicious at all times, and there will always be something for me to do, should I need something to do. So far, I have revamped 2 message boards in the building, reorganized/picked up the large bible class and study room, rearranged the billiards room, restocked the pantry with 2 loads of food, and restocked and rearranged all of the tea in the cafe.

Now I’d like to get the apartment decorated, since we plan on having company on a regular basis. In fact, we’ve already had company over at least half as many times as we did at the old apartment. Moving in was no easy feat – the place was in pretty grimy shape. So, after lots of scrubbing, we only need the shower head replaced, the tub caulked, the ceiling in the bath fixed, some ceiling tiles replaced, our oven coil replaced (it tried to light itself on fire!) and the office needs a fresh coat of paint. It looks like a BMX rider tried to do tricks off the wall in there. I’ll post pictures as I make progress on the place!

Next, Mom is moving, too – into our old apartment, conveniently. So, it will just be 2 months of one giant move for us. Lots of lifting with the legs, my friends. I can’t wait to move her stuff this weekend, and then have a giant estate/moving sale the next. I love a good estate sale – especially when it’s your own and you can purge your life of “stuff.”

Now, on to the treasure! Thanks to these wonderful curators for including our jewelry and (one of our newest items) an antique Tennyson collection:

Read A Good Book Lately? by fleachic

Harmony, Serenity, and Beauty by bohemienneivy

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