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Thoughtful Thursday – Crap.

Kawaii Poop Notelets by papercakemakes

You know what someone normally means when they say they’ve had a crappy week, but I’m not kidding when I say our week has been full of it! The main line in our building backed up 3 times, and the 3rd time was the charm. They had to bring in a professional cleaning crew, and we had to spend the night with friends. I won’t even attempt to describe the smell to you. My dad worked in wastewater management for a long time, and I’ve never smelled anything quite like that. Thankfully, the backup wasn’t actually inside the apartment, although that smell didn’t discriminate – it was everywhere.  Anyway, the lesson here is, if you didn’t already know – DO NOT flush handi wipes down the toilet. They don’t go there, no matter how deceiving it seems. When in doubt, read the box, friends.

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P.S. – to make up for missing “Weird Wednesday,” I’ve included an Etsy item that is about as cute as you can get when it comes to poo. You’re welcome. 🙂

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Tuesday’s Treasure – I’d Like Some Catch-Up On My Side Of Thanks

I wanted to catch up on our thanks to the curators who have featured us in their beautiful treasuries over the past month! 

Pink floral earrings in two pink treasuries:

Buy A Little Pink For Me by CreativeCabin131

Pink And Precious! by ConcordSoap

A sparkly brooch in a sparkly treasury:

Are You Ready To Party? by hotcrossbuns

A fabulous fascinator with the blues:

Awesome Gifts For The Blue Lover by aldari

Antique books blend right in:

Mildly Moody by RichardandRuthie

Finally, I was feeling in a colorful mood, and paid homage to the blindingly cute Japanese “kawaii” or “cute” style:

Too Kawaii To Handle by BuyMeLove

There you go! Lots of eye candy to satisfy your cravings. Thanks again to all of the Etsy members who took the time to make these treasuries!

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Favorites & Freebies – Everything’s Oriental

Happy weekend, everybody!

One of my favorite things this week is this beautiful flower hair clip made from folded fabric (thing origami, but softer):

Elegant Black and White Sakura Kanzashi Hair by ScarlettandMaria

A favorite seller I recently found is Blushful, who makes these irresistably adorable Kawaii inspired pincushions and needlecases:

Blushing Beauty Candy Apple Needlecase by blushful

If you’re looking for an awesome giveaway, here’s yet another from Mandy’s Yellow Corner – Joom Giveaway! Enter to win this elegant pillow:

I hope your week was short, and that your weekend is long!

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