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Change Is A Crafty Thing

My husband and I are settled into our new apartment, comfy and cozy, with only a few lingering items to be unpacked. It’s exciting to experience this new chapter of our lives, and we’re sharing similar excitement with my mom! We’ve been actively house hunting with her, and she’s found one out of the handful we’ve viewed together that she really loves. Rather than put a bed in the large master bedroom, the plan is to convert it into our studio for work. It’s so fun to think of ripping out the carpet, staining the concrete, and arranging the space to store all of our supplies, and create big work spaces. Here are a few photos that have inspired us so far:



Of course, these craft studios are pristine and untouched, which will not be the case with ours. (Is anyone’s creative space that tidy?) The goal is to use the space to create and design for both of our shops, Buy Me Love & JuJu Eyeball, store our vintage backstock, hold crafting lessons and parties, and to invite local customers who have custom orders, and our makeup artist and model friends, to meet with us so that they can get a better idea of what we do and what materials we have available. We’ll each need our own work spaces, which could also serve as work surfaces for classes, space to store our supplies, a place for our vintage clothing and accessories (as well as an area for models to try them on,) a space to take product photos, and an “office” area for the computer and paperwork that needs to be done on occasion. We can’t wait to create our studio so we can share it with you!

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Fresh & Clean

I didn’t realize how much I missed making Etsy treasuries until I finished this one at about midnight. 🙂

Click on the image to check out these beautiful items and the shops where they belong.


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Weird Wednesday – Halloween’s in the Details

Sure, masks are amazing, and costumes are key, but what about the details? The little things that transform your costume into something bigger, take you from dress-up to taking on the character …

PMandD's shop has everything from Seuss to Oz to Lady Gaga!

Need to show your scars?

Frankensister's got you covered in them.

Maybe a prop to get a-head? (Snort.)

For all you zombie hunters out there, visit Living Dead Girl Nicole.

What will you be for Halloween this year?

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Favorites & Freebies – Wooden Wonderland

Happy Friday, everybody!  This week, our newest favorites are all things woodsy.

Graphicspaceswood is an awesome woodshop with eco friendly and modern nursery and children’s furniture that’s so cute, you just might buy something for yourself.

Woodland Forest Friends Bookends

If you like wood so much you want to wear it, check out VectorCloud, a laser cut jewelry maker with an assortment of other cool products.

Rocker Baby Brooch

On to the freebies!

In need of some unique Christmas cards this year? TheDreamingDragonfly has a set of reproduction Victorian cards that are sure to make the recipient swoon. All you pay is shipping!

Chilly? Win a “bundle yourself up” set by de*nada.

Enter to win this hat, cowl, and glove set in purple and black.

Hint: If you’re on a budget this year (who isn’t?) and have a little free time, enter some giveaways! Don’t just enter for things you like, but things your friends and family might like. It’s a fun way to do a little “shopping,” and if you win it doesn’t cost you a thing. No one will ever know!

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Weird Wednesday – Mad Science

One of those Halloween party themes that I’ve never gotten around to is the “Mad Scientist” party. There’d be plenty of neon glowing liquid in jars, specimens, experiments, and lots of gross looking food! (I think this would be especially fun once we have kids to enjoy it.) For a little maniacal inspiration this week, here are some of the finest science specimens etsy has to offer:

Knitting in Biology 101 by CraftyHedgehog

It Came From Outer Space by martynps

Tapeworm In A Jar by yourorgangrinder

Black Salmonella In A Petri Dish Soap by CleanerScience

Red Titer Blank Note Card by TwinTownStudios

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