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Thoughtful Thursday – Continuing Education

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about going back to school. Living on the campus of a University will do that to a nerdy girl, I guess.

I’d love to go back and get my bachelor’s in whatever at some point, but right now I’d just like to go to the community college and take some continuing education courses in art. Specifically drawing, painting, and maybe something fashion related if it’s available.

We don’t have much money right now, but the courses are relatively inexpensive and I could take them one at a time. Taking the classes individually would probably allow me to learn more by immersing myself in one class, anyway.

It’s a little intimidating, though, going back to school at a later age. I know that there are plenty of people in colleges who are older than I am, but I also know that, especially at a community college, I’ll be surrounded by people fresh out of high school. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because it’s fun to get ideas for trends, etc., I just wonder what it will be like to be the “older” person in the classroom. 26 is old to a bunch of 18 year olds!

Maybe they’ll like my awesome new haircut. ūüôā

Yay short hair!

Anyway, if anyone else has done this – gone back to school to further their artsy education, let me know! Words of encouragement, advice, reason – they’re all welcome.

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Whatever Weekend – Taking The Pledge For A Greener Closet

I must admit, there was a time when I was on the verge of a shopaholic. During lunch breaks, I’d cross the highway to Target and paruse their sales racks. Granted, most of the items I bought were easy on the wallet – I have the gene that brings on incredible guilt when I buy something full price. The thing was, I found myself buying things I realized I didn’t like that much a week later, and those things I didn’t like just kept piling up.

So, I donated a bunch of clothing, and started buying the majority of my clothing at thrift stores, and altering/refashioning some clothing I already had. Then I got a sewing machine, muahaha! Although I haven’t learned to sew from patterns, I intend to very soon. I have a drawer full of mostly vintage patterns just begging to be used again! I’ve found that I get more satisfaction¬†from the compliments I recieve about my¬†vintage and altered clothing than I ever did from the compliments on the manufactured stuff.

So, today, I want to take a pledge:

I will buy no new clothing (with the exception of needed undergarments) or accessories for the next year. I will alter the existing apparell in my closet, shop only at thrift/vintage/antique stores and garage/estate sales, and only buy clothing and accessories I really like. I will trade clothing with friends, and I will learn to make some clothing from scratch. I will continue to revisit my closet and donate clothing that no longer fits or no longer fits my style or taste throughout the year. My goal is to have a creative, earth-friendly closet with articles of clothing that are interchangeable for a variety of outfits I will actually wear.

Ultimately, I’m making this pledge to force myself to become more creative with fashion, since it’s something I’m interested in and use for work. It’s also a pledge to honor this earth that God has created, and to honor myself and celebrate my spirit¬†through my outward appearance.

Wanna take the pledge? Feel free to use my words or come up with your own. I encourage you to pledge for the reasons that are meaningful to you!

¬†What about shoes, you ask? Well, I’m not sure yet. I don’t have a huge shoe fetish, and have pretty much everything I need in the way of shoes right now except sandals. So, I may buy¬†one pair of sandals, or I may make some huaraches!

¬†Oh, and I’m also cutting my hair. Actually, I just got a shorter haircut for summer, but realized I’ve been wanting another hairstyle for a long time now, so I’m going to go for it. Something similar to these:

Yep, it's essentially a mohawk.This is probably the length it will be, since my top layer is about that long.

Yes, ladies and gents, I’m gonna get myself a flophawk, and I’m so excited!

What’s your dream hairstyle?

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Whatever Weekend – Fancy Hair Wear

Mom has been working her patootie off creating new headbands, hair clips and fascinators! We’ll be listing them throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here’s the first in the¬†spring/summer line:

Click the pic to see silly pictures of me wearing this fabulous headband!

This one was inspired by vintage swim caps (and an authentic vintage feather headband Mom used to have.) Each feather is hand curled, and the headband is line with soft black velvet ribbon.¬†You’ll see lots of bright colors and whimsy in our shop within the next week!

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Friday’s Favorites – Royal Wedding Style!

Happy Friday and Royal Wedding Day to everyone! To start off, check out this awesome, 40’s style headband with curled feathers we have up on eBay right now:

Hot Pink Curled Feather Headband by designingmoon

¬†This is one of my favorite things Mom has made lately. She’s definitely in the royal wedding spirit – the apartment is covered in feathers!

Next, here’s one of our new favorite Etsy shops:

Stay Gold Mary Rose – Handmade Teacup Bangles

Such a cool concept. Perfect for tea time! Plus, she’s having a Royal Wedding Sale today – 15% off when you enter the coupon code in her announcement!

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Favorites & Freebies – Buy Me Love Holiday Giveaway!

It’s a time of year for joy and giving!
Today through next Friday, December 17, enter our Buy Me Love Holiday Giveaway to win this prize package:

9″ Red & Black Feather Fascinator Hair Clip With Vintage Rhinestone

A Pair Of Red & White Hand Beaded Vintage Lace Teardrop Earrings

A Coupon For 10% Off Your Next Online Purchase

The combined value of these prizes is over $30.00!

Everyone is eligible! There are 6 ways to enter – choose one, some, or all of them! Leave one comment for each of the entry options below. Here’s how to enter:

1. 1 Comment: Visit our Etsy shop, buymelove.etsy.com, and favorite at least one item. Come back and comment about the item or items you favorited or leave a link to that item by copying and pasting the URL from your browser into your comment.

2. 1 Comment:¬†“Like” us on Facebook

3. 1 Comment: Follow us on Twitter

4. 1 Comment: Tweet about us!

5. 1 Comment: Follow this blog. Comment if you’re already a follower, too.

6. Bonus, 2 Comments: Blog about our giveaway, then leave two comments here. Include a link to your blog post about us in at least one of your comments.

That’s it! Don’t forget to leave a comment¬†for each entry!

Winner will be drawn at random on December 17th at 7 p.m. Central U.S. time

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Tuesday‚Äôs Treasure ‚Äď Green & Gold

Two of Mom’s items have been featured in these beautiful treasuries this week: one of her fascinators, and a vintage lingerie set! Please check them out for inspiration, eye candy, and enchanting gift ideas.

Skin - Glam Gifts by RonitGolan

The Secret Garden by waterwaif

I like the first treasury for it’s muted nude and gold tones – a classic and elegant combination. Nudes and pale pinks are trendy for this fall, and gold is always in style. The second treasury is vivid and magical! I love that green is a popular color this fall – it transitions well into winter, spring, and even into summer. Lord knows I love a piece of clothing that will leave a lasting impression in my closet.

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Favorites & Freebies Friday

The next new addition to our blog schedule is Favorites & Freebies. I’ll share some of our favorite etsy¬†items and sellers, plus any freebies (or next-to-freebies) I’ve found!

One of our favorite sellers is soapopotamus. I mean, I’ve seen some beautiful soaps on etsy, but her shop just sparks my imagination! Where else can you find roast chicken soap? It may also have something to do with her hair – isn’t it pretty?

This is one¬†of my favorite listings of all time. Not only do I love the dress (and “mustard” isn’t my favorite color, either), but I love the model!

Vintage Mustard Yellow Dress by zwzzy

Now, for the freebies.

I love these PIF (Pay It Forward) matchbook sized mini notebooks! All you pay is the listing fee (.20) plus shipping on PIF listings, so it’s nearly free.

by redcurrydesigns

Also, don’t miss Mandy’s Yellow Corner’s Neeka Knits Giveaway! Enter to win a pretty knitted headband in your choice of color¬†for fall.

Hope you all have a happy Friday!

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