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Welcome, Spring!

Finally, some warmer weather. It’s so nice to see and feel the sun. Around here, we relish in Spring, because by the time Summer gets here, it’s pretty miserable.

It’s time to list new things in the shop and sign up for any shows we’d like to participate in this season. The pop-up market in Fort Worth is coming to Arlington, so we may see what that’s all about! Things are busy here at the center where the hubs and I live, what with our new management, and all the seasonal activities coming up. The big event is our annual Spring Banquet to celebrate our students, and, to honor our new staff and all of the changes being made, I chose the theme “new beginnings.” For the past couple of years, it’s been my job to come up with a theme, buy and make all the decorations, and put them up the day of. Fortunately, we started a little sooner than we did in years past, so I have plenty of time to focus on making things look spiffy!

For our buffet table, I decided to create a display inspired by this tutorial: DollarStoreCrafts: Make A Floral Monogram. As you know, I love me some Dollar Tree, so I knew I would be able to find exactly what I needed to create what I had in mind. Here’s what I have so far:

005S-R-N- What does that spell?!?

… “Nothing, Chelsea, that spells nothing. What are you talking about?”

Never fear, “PIG” is here:


For you word scramble enthusiasts, you’ve already figured out that when you alternate the floral and moss letters, that spells “spring.” The moss letters are another dollar store creation. Right now, they have tons of moss on sale of different kinds. I chose the Reindeer Moss for it’s pretty green color, which matches our color palette of grassy green, yellow, white, and pops of red and blue.

It’s not “Make It Monday,” but I thought I’d go ahead and share how to make the moss letters:

What you need

Foam board

Moss (about one Dollar Tree package will cover the front and edges of a 12″ letter)

Blade (box cutter, exacto knife, etc.)

Hot glue gun

How to make it

1. I used some leftover foam board (that I also bought from the dollar store,) to cut out letters that were relatively the same height and width of my floral letters.  They measure about 12″ tall and 5″ wide. If you’re not confident in your free-handing skills, you can always print out letters in your desired font to create stencils to trace onto your foam board.

2. Once the letters are cut out, warm up your glue gun and open your package of moss. Begin separating the moss into chunks so that it’s easier to handle.

3. Spread glue over a small section of your letter, and quickly grab a chunk of moss and press down. You’ll find that there’s probably excess moss that doesn’t attach, but that’s OK. It’s better to have that extra to keep you from burning your fingers as you press down. Continue spreading glue on small sections of the top of your letter and adding moss.

4. Once you’ve covered your letter, tilt it and shake any excess moss off of it (as if you were working with glitter.) You may see that you have a couple of “bald” spots, in which case, just add a drop or two of glue, and use that excess moss to patch it.

5. Now it’s time to cover your edges. Use the same technique, this time, laying glue down the line of the edge for several inches, then covering with moss until you’ve covered the entire edge of the letter.

6. Depending on what you’re doing with your monogram or word, you may want to cover the back of the letter in moss as well. If you’ll be hanging the letter on a door or wall, it’s not necessary, but it gives it a nice, finished look.

7. Now you decide how to display it. You can glue a ribbon to the letter to hang it, glue a dowel or two to the back of the letter to “plant” it in a pot or vase, or leave it as-is to prop against a nook in your home.

There you have it! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my finished “spring” display once it’s done, and some pictures of the rest of the decorations for the banquet.

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Whatever Weekend – It’s All In The Family

So, as you all know, this business of ours consists of my mom and I. We’ve worked together for a long time now, just not on such an “official” basis as this. I used to help with the family store – a cool store called “The Vinery” that my mom and grandmother had together when I was younger. Since we’ve found etsy, it’s been a constant source of inspiration and something that we’ve shared with just about anyone who’ll listen, and something makes me think it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Maypop In A Handcrafted Frame by Keeslerphotoframes

I’m so excited to say that my sister in law, Jamie, has just opened her new etsy shop, Keeslerphotoframes! She’s a talented photographer who currently favors subjects of the floral kind. Her photos are colorful, striking, and feminine. As her shop grows, she’ll add black and whites, various sizes, and different photography subjects. 

What surprised me was that she also makes her own frames! I had no idea that was going to be a part of her business, and I think it sets her apart from many other photography sellers out there. The frames are wooden and hand cut. She decorates some with her original wood burned designs, which she then stains or paints. The “glass” she uses to float her images is actually plexiglass, a more durable alternative to glass and great for shipping.

“I just want everyone to see the beauty that surrounds them and how lucky we are to have a God that thinks to give us such beauty. The flower photos that I have taken…the flowers are now dead, but I can capture them forever in a single click and I just love that. When I photograph things I look for the true beauty…not the posed beauty that people usually try to show, but the real and true beauty of people and things…” – Jamie Keesler

Please visit her shop for more information! 

My mother in law, Georgia, has also opened her own etsy shop to sell her soft and cuddly crochet apparel. Look for waterbindmom‘s shop to begin filling up soon!

You see what I mean? Our family is spreading like wildfire through etsy – a force that cannot be tamed!

Do you come from creative stock, or are you the black crafty sheep in the family? Any relatives on etsy?

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