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Tuesday’s Treasure – A little of this, a little of that

Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Red and White (Made In Texas)

Red and White (Made In Texas)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any treasuries, so I thought I’d share a couple from the end of last year that I thought you might like. The first one is clever, titled “Escape From The City,” featuring city and travel themed listings, including our JuJu Eyeball sparkly roach earrings. The next treasury follows one of my favorite themes – local! It’s also a Valentine theme, I suppose, in red and white. This is the first time any of my new harnesses have been featured – exciting!

(I apologize that I didn’t post these treasuries sooner – some items that were featured have already sold.)

So, if one of your new year’s resolutions involves buying locally, or supporting handmade/artisans/small business (and good for you for making that resolution,) this is a great place to start. Etsy can be a little overwhelming, even if you do a specific search, and treasuries can be a quick, aesthetically pleasing way to shop.

The weather has been consistently sunny for the past few days here in DFW, so I think, after a quick trip to the pharmacy, I’ll break out the new camera the hubby gave me for Christmas and take some photos for the shop.

Hope your new year has been wonderful so far!

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Make It Monday – Onion Dyed Eggs

For more crafty egg ideas, check out creative Etsians, like ReverieCreations.

I used to dye eggs with my Nana and mom every Easter. We would usually do a variety of the brightly colored guys, and then Nana would do a batch dyed with onion skin. I remember staring at the marble patterns created by the yellow and red onions, and marvelling at the idea that you could use food to color food. It’s super simple to do, earth friendly, and less messy than the crayon-colored alternatives. It’s especially handy if you’re already making a dish with onions for Easter. Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need:

– eggs

– onion skins (yellow and/or red; you can also use carrot peel, beet, or any other colorful veggie you think might be fun to try)

– rubber bands or string

– a pot of slightly salted boiling water

– vegetable oil (optional)

How to do it:

1. Soak your skins/peels in water until soft. You can use them dry, it’s just a little easier to wrap them around the egg when they’re flexible.

2. Wet the eggs to help the skins stick to the egg’s surface.

3. Wrap the eggs with skins and secure with rubber bands or string.

4. Boil eggs for 7-10 minutes until hard boiled.

5. Drain the hot water and run cold water into the pot to cool the eggs.

6. Carefully remove the bands/string and skins from the eggs, and viola! You have beautifully, naturally dyed eggs.

7. Optional: Put a little vegetable oil on a cloth and lightly rub the eggs to shine them.

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Make It Monday – DIY Cleaning Products

I may sound like a hippie when I say this, but with the current “green movement” I think it’s appropriate: I haven’t used normal household cleaning products in over a year. “Her house is probably gross!” you say?  It’s not – I just use store-bought ingredients to make my own. It’s not much more time consuming than having to shop the store, and is usually much cheaper. (Plus, many of the ingredients can be used in other ways, like in edible recipes!) All you need to keep your home clean is Borax, washing soda, baking soda, white vinegar, lemons or lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, some essentail oils if you like, and bar or liquid castille soap.

Washing Powder 

Combine 1 cup grated castille bar soap (use a cheese grater and a measuring cup, turn on your favorite show or music and it’ll be over in no time), 1/2 cup washing soda (find it on the same aisle you’d find other detergents), and 1/2 cup Borax.

Use 1-2 tablespoons, depending on the size of the load. Of course, you can double the ingredients to last longer, but just a small amount goes a long way! We store ours in a labeled tupperware container with a measuring spoon right above the washer.

Glass Cleaner

In a labeled plastic spray bottle, comine a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, add a little essential oil (peppermint works well.) Shake, spray directly onto glass, and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Use a piece of crumpled newspaper to remove any streaks.

Frost-Free Windshield Solution 

Vinegar and water also work to keep your vehicle’s windsheild frost-free. Mix 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water, and clean your windshield the same way you would use the glass cleaner. Pour the remaining liquid into your windshield wiper fluid container under the hood, and use it like any other wiper fluid.

Bathroom Mold Cleaner

Instead of using harsh chemicals like bleach, all you need is a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Spray it on, then wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing.


Instead of masking smells, get rid of them by sprinkling baking soda or borax in the bottom of garbage cans, and sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum. Grind lemon rinds, or add a little lemon juice and baking soda to your garbage disposal and run it. Swab a couple of drops of essential oil, like peppermint, tea tree, or lavender, onto your light bulbs a couple of times a month.

All Purpose Cleaner

Mix 1/8 cup of Borax to 1 quart of hot water (1/2 cup to 1 gallon.) Mix and let Borax dissolve completely. Spray on surfaces to clean and disinfect, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Other Surface Cleaners

Use baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar to clean your sinks and tubs. Sprinkle baking soda, borax, and vinegar or lemon juice in toilet bowls; let sit about 10 minutes, then use the brush to clean. Polish wood with some olive oil and a clean, dry cloth (an unwanted sock works well!)

There are tons of other uses for these products, but that covers the basics you’ll need to keep your stuff clean. What are some of your favorite DIY cleaning tips?

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Make It Monday – Halloween, Shmalloween

Don’t have time to go out and buy, or stay home and sew a costume for yourself or your kids? It’s okay, neither do I. Over the years, though, I’ve learned that most of the things I need for a good Halloween costume can be found in my home (or someone else’s, if they’ll let me raid it.) It’s free or close to it, environmentally friendly, and easy. So, don’t give up on Halloween. Just turn to the darkest, spookiest corners of your closet for some classic inspiration.

Black Cat

You’ll want any combination of black, form-fitting articles of clothing (shirt and pants/skirt, dress, pantsuit, leotard and tights, etc.), black shoes, black headband or hair clips, black felt or paper, black eyeliner, a black marabou feather boa or other black fabric for the tail, and a hot glue gun.

Cut triangular ears from the felt or paper and glue them to the hair clips or headband. (If your costume includes a black hoodie, you can safety pin or stitch the felt ears to the hood.) If you have enough marabou, you can glue some around the edges of the ears to make them fuzzy, then take the remaining maribou and safety pin or stitch it onto the area of clothing that lays on the small of your back. Use the eyeliner to blacken the tip of your nose, draw whiskers, and create a “cat eye” effect when you line your eyes. A sparkly choker “collar” is a plus. Purr and meow your way through the streets.

Fairy or Bug

All you need is 1-2 pairs of pantyhose (black or white won’t require any spraypainting), 2-4 wire hangers, duct tape, ribbon, maybe that glue gun again, and a matching outfit. Any frilly dress will work for the fairy – have an old bridesmaid dress hanging around? Green, blue, and black colored clothing work for the bug. (If you already have a black and red polka dot or black and yellow stripe outfit, you’re an instant ladybug or bee!)

Straighten the hooks of the hangers. Bend the triangle of the hanger into any shape you want – round, oval, etc. You can use 2 hangers – one hanger for each side of the wings by creating and “m” or “w” shape with each hanger, or you can use 4 hangers – 2 top wings and 2 bottom wings. Wrap the straightened hooks together to attach your wings together, then wrap with duct tape to secure any sharp edges. Cut the pair of pantyhose in half so that the 2 legs are separated, then slide the legs over your wings. You now have 3 choices: you can trim the excess hose and glue the ends down to the hanger (very carefully!) with your glue gun, you can tie the two ends in a knot around the straightened hooks of the hangers and trim off the excess, or you can wrap the ends around the straightened hooks and duct tape them down. Once the pantyhose are on the wings, wrap ribbon around the middle, where you’ve wrapped, duct taped, and glued. Create tight loops with the ribbon to go around your shoulers like the straps of a backpack. You can decorate the wings with sequins, glitter, or glow in the dark paint to add a little pizazz. Make buzzing noises while walking quickly around the room.

Gypsy or Fortune Teller

I’m doing this for a party this year! Just dig in your closet to find bohemian clothing to layer, and embrace some dark eyeliner and bright lipstick. Guys can be gypsies, too! A billowy shirt with a vest, long pants, bare feet, and some eyeliner goes a long way.

Layer a vest over a flowy top, or two skirts in different lengths on top of each other. Tie scarves or shawls around your head and waist, and pile on the jewelry – hoop earrings, and lots of bracelets, rings, anklets, and maybe a toe ring. Go barefoot, and apply some smoky eyeshadow and liner with red or a berry-colored lipstick. Shroud yourself in mystery and tell people their (very vague) fortunes.


Far from the classic white sheet (though there’s nothing wrong with that if you don’t mind cutting holes in them!), you just need some white clothing. Billowy and ethereal is nice, but not a must. You may have to buy some white face paint for this one, but that’s all you’ll need to buy.

Go corporate in a white button down, formal in a white dress, or comfy in a white robe or nightgown. If it’s white, it works. Use white grease or cream paint for your face and neck (be sure to cover your lips and brows), and go as a very dead “whatever.” For a little more dimension, break out the trusty black eyeliner to smudge under and around your eyes and under your cheek bones for a hollow effect. Moan and float around to the best of your ability.


This popular theme only require a billowy or striped top paired with a skirt, or khakis/jeans/Dickies and a bandana. Smudge your eyes with black eyeliner, and add a few smudges to the rest of your face while you’re at it. Tie the bandana around your head (bonus points if you have a captain’s hat, eye patch or parrot laying around), carry around an empty bottle and “yaaargh” a lot!

All of these costumes apply to both sexes, so they make couple and family costumes easy! Get creative with your props by digging through toys and using your imgination, and have fun.

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Tuesday’s Treasure

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been a little lacking in the blog world lately, but we’re busy working, planning a craft sale/Christmas festival, a big garage sale, and getting personal things taken care of. Mom is having her metiport taken out tomorrow, which should take some slightly hefty recovery time. She’ll need some help around the house during the recovery, but I’ll try my best to keep updating the blog!

Anyway, for today’s Treasure Tuesday, here’s a cheerful, colorful Halloween collection by Giggles, who was kind enough to feature us!

Tricks and Treats by giggles

Speaking of Halloween, I just wrote a post on my other blog about green-ing your Halloween! Check it out for some scary and not-so-scary ideas on keeping your Halloween costumes, decorations, and treats earth friendly.

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