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Whatever Weekend – Ground Control To Major Tom

“Here am I sitting in a tin can/far above the world.”

I’ve been so spaced out today! It could be because Tom and I stayed up late watching youtube videos after a very fun date night of Chinese food, frozen yogurt, and “Bones.” My whole schedule has been off this week, anyway.

Tom did cook breakfast this morning, though, and I was happy he woke me up for it:

French toast on sesame seed bread with bananas and honey.

Then I cleaned part of the apartment today, because, you know, I live on the edge! The desire to decorate is great. Must … resist … online … shopping.

Mom’s broken toe still hurts very much. I went to the grocery store for her (and us) today, went to the post office for her and took the dog out. Hopefully, she’s sleeping the pain away right now. She’s either doing that, or watching “Ghost Hunters.” I definitely get my love for scares from you, Mom. I’m watching “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”

I got to talk to my two best girlfriends today, and will probably spend time with one today, and the other next week. I’ve had a bleak social life since we started interning (I think that’s a verb,) so it’ll be nice to have some girl time. Also, since Spring Break has started, Tom and I will have more free time … even though his will be used for catching up on studying. I can’t say I envy him. For those of you interested in seeing the place I’ve been rambling on about for the past few months, here’s the Tri C:

The entrance to Freebucks, our coffee shop.

 We’re working on getting a website made, but in the meantime, we have a Facebook page. If you’re a UT Arlington student, stop by and visit us! We’re open 7:30 a – 10:30 p M-F, and there’s always free coffee, tea, and food. Look for us across from the UC on the North side.

I think that about covers the whatevers of the day. I hope all of you have a great weekend, and a safe and happy Spring break!

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Weird Wednesday – David Bowie, Can You Hear Me?

As a little girl, I remember a friend loaning us a movie to watch. Sitting in the car, I looked at the back of the VHS cover, turned to my mom and asked, “Mommy, who’s that woman wearing all the makeup?” “That’s not a woman,” she said, “… that’s David Bowie.” That movie was “Labyrinth,” a movie that also sparked my love for Brian Froud and only fueled the fire in my heart for Jim Henson. It’s a crazy, kooky fantasy movie that, I’ll confess, isn’t for everyone (but I’d recommend you see it at least once, and with friends!) Today’s Weird Wednesday all started when I found this adorable felted Ludo (a character from the movie):

Needle Felted Sculpture Ludo

First on the left then second on the right - Vintage Labyrinth

Jareth of Labyrinth Charm

Rare Vinyl Record - Sesame Street Monsters 1975 Labyrinth Tshirt David Bowie

Vintage Labyrinth Poster Cross Stitch PDF

Set of 5 Rare and Collectible Faery and Goblin Books by Brian Froud

As you can see, I’m not the only one with an appreciation for the movie, the actors, the creators and artists (and labyrinths themselves!) So, as cheesy as the movie may be – it was made in the 80’s, guys – it holds a lot of nostalgia for me. It also might help explain why every day is Halloween in my head.

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