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Weird Wednesday – Featured on Offbeat Bride!

I was so excited to wake up this morning to a link on our friend Tiinia’s Facebook page saying that her wedding has been featured on Offbeat Bride! First, I was excited because their wedding was so unique; I knew it had to end up on the site at some point. Second, I was excited, because Mom and I were vendors for the wedding!

We met Tiinia at the Etsy817 (our really cool Etsy team) Handmade Holidays arts and crafts show last year. She was the makeup artist for the fashion show, which featured some of our work. (Click on Tiinia’s name above to visit her Facebook business page and see examples of her amazing talent for makeup!) Afterward, she stopped by our booth and we all chatted for a while. The subject of her pending nuptials came up, and she bought one of my bracelets to wear for the big day. Then we talked a little about what she wanted for her bridesmaids, and Mom told her that she would love to make the fascinators she wanted.

Fast forward to a few months later, and we’d not only become friends with Tiinia, we’d become friends with a couple of her friends who often model for her, too. They came over to raid Mom’s closet of vintage goodies to borrow for photo shoots, and the more we got to know them, the more we liked them! We had so much fun brainstorming once we learned more about the wedding, and making the vision she had come to life. Mom ended up making all of the fascinators (including the bridal veil!) the bridesmaids’ feather fans, and the boutonnieres, and, as well as making the bride’s bracelet, I also embroidered her vintage handkerchief with their monogram. We were happy to attend their Friday the 13th wedding at the 13th Street Morgue haunted house grounds where Tiinia, her husband, Kevin, and many of their friends work year round to keep the place in perfect shape for the haunting season. It was definitely the weirdest, coolest wedding I’ve ever been to, and we had a blast the entire time.

Take a look at the OBB article for more inspiring photos and info about the wedding, then click on the gallery link to visit the Havi Frost Photography page for even more photos!

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Weird Wednesday – We Got JuJu Eyeball

Needless to say, since we’ve opened the new etsy shop, I’ve had “Come Together” by The Beatles playing in my head on repeat! At least I love the song, right?

We’ve been working hard to bring you weird. Mom is working on an amazing hat/fascinator using a doll from the 60’s that will blow your mind – I can’t wait to list it!

Meanwhile, these little ladies are becoming favorites in the shop:


One Eyed Ofelia, Envious Eleanor, and Dismal Delia
These neon skulls are actually stick pins that can be pinned to scarves, hats, lapels, purses and bags, tucked in your hair, or anything else you can stick a pin in!
I’m also working on some sparkling earrings of the creepy crawly variety … bugs like glitter, too, ya know.
We’re really having a lot of fun with this shop, and hope that these items are bringing a smile to your face like they do to ours!
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