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Fresh & Clean

I didn’t realize how much I missed making Etsy treasuries until I finished this one at about midnight. 🙂

Click on the image to check out these beautiful items and the shops where they belong.


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Weird Wednesday – Gobble, Gobble

Let’s face it – the turkey is one weird bird. “Noble” though he may be, I’m glad the turkey didn’t make it as our national bird. (Sorry, Benjamin Franklin, the bald eagle was just better looking!) I’m pretty sure all of the other governments would have made fun of us for it. Not to mention, the fateful coincidence of the bird’s call becoming synonymous with scarfing down food!

Wild Turkey 8x12 Fine Art Print by rebeccakier

Plush Turkey Soft Toy Sculpture by FurWillFly

Turkey Lurkey Hat by karenswimmer

And, so as to include our vegetarian friends this Thanksgiving, the turkey alternative:

Tofurkey by oliveandearthknits

Happy Thanksgiving!

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