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We need your votes!

It’s that time! We entered this year’s Martha Stewart American Made competition for the chance to win anything from a gift basket full of goodies to $10,000 for our business and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to New York for the expo to display our work. You can go directly to our profile here:

I’ve had a late start reminding everyone of the competiton, because Mom’s been recovering from a knee replacement. It’s been almost three weeks, and though they made mistakes at the hospital with her medications, and she’s had a bad reaction to the pain meds they prescribed her, she’s finally feeling better and on her way to rehabilitation! We’re both excited to start building up our business after a long road of health struggles and other obstacles, and look forward to having our own studio workspace together.

We’ll keep you updated on the voting process, and if we win, we’ll share every step of the way with you. Please share the link to our profile with your friends – thank you for voting!

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Thoughtful Thursday – Thank A Vet Today

Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have, do, and will continue to serve our country! I’m a proud wife of a Marine veteran,  a proud daughter, granddaughter, sister in law, niece, and friend. Everywhere I look, there’s a vet, and I don’t mean an animal doctor. It takes extreme faith, patriotism, dedication and perseverance to do what these amazing people do each day to ensure our safety and freedom.

God Bless America,


(P.S. – Happy belated, birthday, Marines!)

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