Tuesday’s Treasure – A little of this, a little of that

Escape From The City

Escape From The City

Red and White (Made In Texas)

Red and White (Made In Texas)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any treasuries, so I thought I’d share a couple from the end of last year that I thought you might like. The first one is clever, titled “Escape From The City,” featuring city and travel themed listings, including our JuJu Eyeball sparkly roach earrings. The next treasury follows one of my favorite themes – local! It’s also a Valentine theme, I suppose, in red and white. This is the first time any of my new harnesses have been featured – exciting!

(I apologize that I didn’t post these treasuries sooner – some items that were featured have already sold.)

So, if one of your new year’s resolutions involves buying locally, or supporting handmade/artisans/small business (and good for you for making that resolution,) this is a great place to start. Etsy can be a little overwhelming, even if you do a specific search, and treasuries can be a quick, aesthetically pleasing way to shop.

The weather has been consistently sunny for the past few days here in DFW, so I think, after a quick trip to the pharmacy, I’ll break out the new camera the hubby gave me for Christmas and take some photos for the shop.

Hope your new year has been wonderful so far!

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