Vintage Clothing Photo Shoots!

Vintage Lady Duff Dress & Hat. Photo by Evelyn Murphy of Luminosity.


Fascinator by Buy Me Love. Photo courtesy of Misti of Van Zandt Studios.

We are so, so excited to work with the fabulous makeup artist, Tiinia Auler, her beautiful model friends, and photographers like Evelyn and Misti, who have a passion for vintage pieces and want to do them justice.
We met Tiinia at the last show we did, and she placed a couple of custom orders with us for her wedding. As she got to know us, she realized the extent of our vintage obsession (we’re talking closets full, y’all.) So, she asked if she could feature some items from our collection along with some of our handmade accessories and jewelry in the upcoming photo shoots she was working on. Of course, we said yes! These are the results from the first couple of sessions – click the photos to go to the photographers’ Facebook albums and see more.
Obviously, if you’re in Texas, we highly recommend Tiinia for hair and makeup! Her work is impressive, and she uses her knowledge of fashion makeup, beauty makeup, and even special effects, to create the exact looks her clients want – from wedding days to haunted houses. She’s sweet, punctual, and has a great work ethic, including sincere customer service.
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