Tuesday’s Treasure – Genies & Fringe

Time to play catch up on the beautiful treasuries we’ve been feature in lately!

Who Let The Genies Out? by SweetSoapsandSoandSo


Fringe Benefits by SandeeKnits

I love that these two themes, while different in style, fit together so well! I’ve always been a sucker for all things genie/gypsy – fringe, baubles, sequins, asian inspired style, long skirts, harem pants (I owned some in pink, and some in iridescent green/orange!) you name it. The influences were probably the copious amounts of “I Dream of Genie” I watched as a kid, and Madonna’s “Frozen” phase. I even had a friend in high school suggest we dress gypsy-style all the time, since no one else did. Too bad we never followed through!

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One response to “Tuesday’s Treasure – Genies & Fringe

  1. Lovely treasuries! 🙂

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