Make It Monday – Craft Pick Success #2!

I made my no-sew t-shirt bag, and it turned out great! Find the tutorial here.

I started with a shirt I bought at a garage sale that was quarter sleeve and a little too small for me.

I cut the sleeves off, making sure to cut just outside the side seam, and cut out the neckline, using that strip as my drawstring on the bottom hem.

This craft would be even better using a tank top! The only thing you would have to cut would be the hem, and use some pretty ribbon as the drawstring.

Here’s the result:

My lil' green t shirt bag!


I need to reinforce the shoulder seams, so this bag isn’t completely no-sew. So, like I said, pick a tank top and it will take you no time to make!

Now, let’s see if I can get that paperclip chandelier done …

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