Weird Wednesday – We Got JuJu Eyeball

Needless to say, since we’ve opened the new etsy shop, I’ve had “Come Together” by The Beatles playing in my head on repeat! At least I love the song, right?

We’ve been working hard to bring you weird. Mom is working on an amazing hat/fascinator using a doll from the 60’s that will blow your mind – I can’t wait to list it!

Meanwhile, these little ladies are becoming favorites in the shop:


One Eyed Ofelia, Envious Eleanor, and Dismal Delia
These neon skulls are actually stick pins that can be pinned to scarves, hats, lapels, purses and bags, tucked in your hair, or anything else you can stick a pin in!
I’m also working on some sparkling earrings of the creepy crawly variety … bugs like glitter, too, ya know.
We’re really having a lot of fun with this shop, and hope that these items are bringing a smile to your face like they do to ours!
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