Whatever Weekend – The Cleaning Lady

I was asked, “So, what do you do here?” in front of a former boss. I smiled, looked at him, and he smiled and said, “She’s a jack of all trades.” I politely corrected him: “Jacky of all trades.”

Today I get to add another title to my long list: artist, crafter, designer, wife, daughter, pet caretaker, human caretaker, friend, professional, administrative assistant, massage therapist, and now –

cleaning lady!

I know, this may not sound exciting to you.

In fact, you’re probably thinking, “That’s awful, poor thing.”

I think it’s pretty cool, though. See, my mom used to clean houses when I was younger, and I’d go with her. If you want a job where nobody bothers you, you can be meticulous, go at your own pace, and make patterns in the carpet with the vacuum cleaner, clean homes or offices. Plus, I used to get paid a small amount by the ladies who needed their jewelry untangled.

Today is the first day my husband and I will be the official cleaning crew at the mission we currently where we live. We were already essentially caretakers, so now we just do the “big” cleaning once a week. Tom was able to quit his 3 day a week job to work one day a week, because, believe me, the other work we do here is a full time job! I’m glad he’ll have more time to concentrate on school, and I’m glad we get to work together.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!

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