Make It Monday – A Cheap, In-Home Art Installment

Hey guys, it’s good to be back! The break has been great so far, and I’ve also gotten a lot done.

I was browsing through design*sponge’s DIY section (again) when I stumbled on the clothespin mirror that had caught my eye before.

Click here for the mirror tutorial!

I’ve always had a fascination with the simplicity of design in utilitarian things like clothespins and paper clips. We didn’t necessarily need another mirror in the apartment, although I looked for one just in case, so I decided to create a funky art installment in the newly empty entryway (RIP Bandit & Rogue, our little mischevious rats.) After buying about 150 clothespins for $4 at Dollar Tree, I came home and grabbed some steel wire I already had lying around. If you don’t have steel wire just “lying around,” you can pick a spool up at a hardware store for a few dollars. Then, I created circular shapes with the wire and covered the shapes in hot-glued clothespins. Et viola! A less-than-ten-dollar, funky, retro collection of what looks to me like clothespin “bubbles” in mid-pop.

The first of a collection of clothespin "bubbles."

They’re not perfect, but I like them. I can’t wait to add a few more (I still have clothespins left,) wrapping onto the adjoining wall. By the way, aren’t our cinderblocks just lovely? The brown plastic baseboards add a nice touch, I think. 😉 Hence the attempt to warm things up a bit and make the place feel like home! This is a great, quick, weekend or evening project that you can do by yourself or easily get kids involved.

Tell me what you think – do you/would you use office supplies to decorate your place?

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