Thoughtful Thursday – FMS/CFS/ME Awareness Day!

Wearing purple (and telling people why) is one way to help promote awareness.

I don’t blog about this too much here, since this is our business blog, but both my mom and I have Fibromyalgia. We are also both epileptic, and my mom has lupus and other secondary health problems in addition to FMS. If you know someone with Fibro, Chronic Fatigue or Myalgic Encephalopathy, be sure to give them lots of gentle hugs!

FMS/CFS/ME are invisible, chronic, and can be debilitating. Often, they accompany one another, along with a host of possible symptoms: widespread pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, weakness, brain fog (similar to chemo brain,) flu-like symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, sensitivity to light, sound, heat & cold, sensation of swelling, nerve pain, and the list goes on … Women tend to suffer from FMS/CFS/ME more often than men, but I can say first hand that men suffer from these diseases, too! My dad also has Fibro.

Please, educate yourselves and others about these syndromes. There is no cure, and very few healthy treatment options are available. Most people begin exhibiting symptoms in their early to mid 20’s, and while these diseases are not considered degenerative, symptoms can increase in severity due to weight gain and inactivity.

To learn more:

If you suffer from any of these syndromes, there’s comfort in numbers. Joining an online or in-person support group can do wonders. For support and other resources: 

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