The Death Of Osama bin Laden

I struggle for the words to say, as I’m still in shock at the prospect of this long and drawn out war either coming to a head or coming to an end. Our U.S. troops are prepared for any possible retaliation, and the friends and family back home are praying their loved ones come home. They’re hoping the death of bin Laden will bring peace and closure, rather than more casualties.

Osama bin Laden lead undeniably terrible acts of terror that resulted in the death of thousands spread all over the world from the U.S. to Africa to Pakistan and Afghanistan. He can no longer lead or be the figure head of al-Qaida. People are celebrating in the streets, justified in feelings of overwhelming relief and the satisfaction of justice.

Yet, a man is dead. A man who, many believe, is going to experience eternal suffering, and that’s nothing to celebrate. It’s something that should inspire us not to forget but to forgive, because forgiveness is what ultimately frees us.  To unify ourselves as a nation and internationally to strive for peace. To love and respect one another as human beings and children of God. As I mentioned to a friend – if one good thing, beside feelings of closure, has come from the death of Osama bin Laden, it is that it has inspired questions of who God wants us to be in the face of war and tragedy.

My mom and I are proud of the soldiers, government employees, journalists and reporters, and other individuals who have fought for safety, freedom, and to give those who can’t speak voices that desperately need to be heard. We’re praying for the safety of our U.S. troops, and the safety of the citizens all over the world whose lives have been forever altered by terrorist acts.

With love,


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