Weird Wednesday – Under the Weather

The hubs took me to the doc this morning, because my throat has hurt increasingly since doing a major clean-out of the library a couple of days ago. Last night, I was woken up repeatedly with a throat of burning coals and the near inability to swallow. This morning, the pain was less, but the swelling worse. Off to the doc we went, where they drilled me – with questions – and did a throat swab for a strep test. My apologies to the nurse whose face I coughed on while she was swabbing my throat! (You may want to stand to the side the next time you stick a long, tickly, dry q-tip down the throat of a potentially infected person. If I were you, I’d have been grossed out by me.) 

RANDOM FACT of the day: Strep tests are only 70% accurate. I see need for improvement, here. My test came back negative, but with the whopping 30% margin for error, I got a scrip for an antibiotic anyway.  So, now I have zee drugs, and the fibro is in full flare. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I had the flu.

Anyway, here are a few related little weirdos to check out:

Peter Gets The Chickenpox by BootsNGus

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