I Know That Guy Jason, Who Won The CNN iReporter Royal Wedding Contest

So, I went to high school with this really funny, smart, sweet kid named Jason Sauter. He always told me I would be famous, and that I would audition for American Idol and win. (Which, turns out, is kind of a curse if you’re not Kelly Clarkson, so I’m glad I’ve never auditioned! Although, with the current chance of meeting Steven Tyler …) Clearly, I’m not famous – yet – and Mr. Sauter is winning in the fame game:


I don’t think mere words can express how happy I am for Jason and his girlfriend, Nancy! The joy could only be captured in the form of Snoopy Dance or song.

Jason, I know you’ll be a fantastic on-the-scenes reporter for the royal wedding. You’re talented, genuine, and you totally deserve this. If you get nervous, picture the queen in her undies … or not. Your call.

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