Make It Monday – Onion Dyed Eggs

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I used to dye eggs with my Nana and mom every Easter. We would usually do a variety of the brightly colored guys, and then Nana would do a batch dyed with onion skin. I remember staring at the marble patterns created by the yellow and red onions, and marvelling at the idea that you could use food to color food. It’s super simple to do, earth friendly, and less messy than the crayon-colored alternatives. It’s especially handy if you’re already making a dish with onions for Easter. Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need:

– eggs

– onion skins (yellow and/or red; you can also use carrot peel, beet, or any other colorful veggie you think might be fun to try)

– rubber bands or string

– a pot of slightly salted boiling water

– vegetable oil (optional)

How to do it:

1. Soak your skins/peels in water until soft. You can use them dry, it’s just a little easier to wrap them around the egg when they’re flexible.

2. Wet the eggs to help the skins stick to the egg’s surface.

3. Wrap the eggs with skins and secure with rubber bands or string.

4. Boil eggs for 7-10 minutes until hard boiled.

5. Drain the hot water and run cold water into the pot to cool the eggs.

6. Carefully remove the bands/string and skins from the eggs, and viola! You have beautifully, naturally dyed eggs.

7. Optional: Put a little vegetable oil on a cloth and lightly rub the eggs to shine them.

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2 responses to “Make It Monday – Onion Dyed Eggs

  1. What a unique idea!! Love it!

  2. Thanks! I wish I could say our family came up with it, lol, but this technique has been used for a long time. I love the idea that’s it’s an old fashioned method, though. It makes it special and traditional!

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