Whatever Weekend – I do – Do You Do YouTube?

I am so behind the times. Maybe it’s all this fascination with vintage that’s got me lagging on the social media front, but I’ve had a YouTube account for a long time now that I’ve never used. So, a few days ago, I thought, “Why not create a channel for BML?” After a couple of days of figuring out Windows Movie Maker and the ins and outs of Youtube …

I present to you, our first promo video for Buy Me Love! Major brownie points for you if you share this on FB, twitter or your blog. 🙂

I know – it’s a silent film. I’m just not really sure what the copyright infringement situation is. I see people using popular music in their videos all the time, but I don’t know what’s okay and what’s not. I would obviously give credit to the artist, I’m just not sure if that’s enough. If any of you have advice, leave me comments!

Our new YouTube account is going to be really helpful with blogging, too. We can make our own vids for Make It Mondays, which I’m excited about. Nothing like a little (almost) face to face when it comes to how-tos.

So, do any of you YouTube? We’d love to see your videos!

Share the Love and have a great weekend,


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