Thoughtful Thursday – Crap.

Kawaii Poop Notelets by papercakemakes

You know what someone normally means when they say they’ve had a crappy week, but I’m not kidding when I say our week has been full of it! The main line in our building backed up 3 times, and the 3rd time was the charm. They had to bring in a professional cleaning crew, and we had to spend the night with friends. I won’t even attempt to describe the smell to you. My dad worked in wastewater management for a long time, and I’ve never smelled anything quite like that. Thankfully, the backup wasn’t actually inside the apartment, although that smell didn’t discriminate – it was everywhere.  Anyway, the lesson here is, if you didn’t already know – DO NOT flush handi wipes down the toilet. They don’t go there, no matter how deceiving it seems. When in doubt, read the box, friends.

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P.S. – to make up for missing “Weird Wednesday,” I’ve included an Etsy item that is about as cute as you can get when it comes to poo. You’re welcome. 🙂

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