Thoughtful Thursday – Epic Fail?

Paper Ribbon, Awesome by annatorborg

Question of the day: What is success?

Naturally, that leads to the question: What is failure?

Of course, Webster has an answer for you, but don’t bring him up just yet.

People equate success with business, money, status, family, spirituality, or other things. Success usually comes after meeting goals, whether personal, or established by our society. With the exception of spirituality, perhaps, at least from the Christian perspective. I’m learning that success looks very different there.

How do you measure success? I think it directly relates to how me measure and react to failure. Those who find success through failure are usually on the right track, and are driven less insane by the pressures of the world. Be courageous, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

So, success comes in different shapes and sizes – some small, some grand, some born from failure. What’s your greatest success?   

For me, it’s probably beginning the process of submission. Mutual submission in my marriage (that is, submission from both sides!) and submission to the will of God. Not an easy task, let me tell ya! Talk about finding success through failure.  I know it doesn’t sound like much of a “success” in the world’s eyes, but, like I said, I’m learning that success from a spiritual perspective looks very different. For me, it’s much more profound than buying that house we want. (Although, I hope we succeed in that, too.) 

I hope you have a day chock-full of success!

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