Thoughtful Thursdays – Life Is Full Of Broken Toes

Get Well Soon Wool Felted Bird by woolville

Poor Mom. Within the past few months, she’s had more injuries (almost) than she’s had in her entire life. The latest and greatest is a broken toe. It’s forced her to sit, rest, and let others do for her. Again. I’m pretty sure she’s sick and tired of depending on others.

I can definitely empathize. We come from a family of strong, independent, and, dare I say, stubborn women. Health problems have knocked me to my knees, and I’ve still said “oh no, I’m fine, thank you.” I guess health problems have to take it up a notch and knock me on my butt instead.  I’m slowly learning that lesson. For me, it’s taken a chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, to teach me to ask for help (among other things.)

So, what’s your broken toe? At what point do you finally have to break down and ask for or accept help?

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