Make It Monday – I Love Lamp

There are tons of little projects going on in our apartment right now – a vintage chair with a broken leg in need of repair, figuring out the best way to hang our big mirror on the cinderblock wall, and especially finding a cool shade for the random, utilitarian bulb hanging from the ceiling in our kitchen. It’s right above where a dining table would be, but our little desk is there instead. Since it’s Tom’s study space, I want it to be a shade that’s not too girly, which means I’ll probably have to resort to another DIY project. (Oh, darn!)

Here are the candidates:

Mason jar chandelier by BootsNGus

 I wouldn’t be making a chandelier, but I think the idea is simple and outdoors-y, which is quintessentially my husband.

Basket Lampshade

 This is very vintage-y, and would go with our decor.

String Lampshade

 I remember doing projects like this as a kid! You get messy with glue and pop a balloon – so cool.

I’m really digging the string lampshade right now, maybe in a different color. What do you think?

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5 responses to “Make It Monday – I Love Lamp

  1. Sarah

    I kinda like the basket one myself

  2. I love the mason jar one! Oh if only I had a huge house to get creative with!

    • Haha – careful what you wish for! The apartment we’re living in now is the largest we’ve lived in, and I find myself creatively overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to do a little at a time!

  3. Must be one of those “grass is greener” things. 🙂 Still wishing though!

  4. I would never squash your dreams! 😉

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