Make It Monday – How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

Know Someone Who's Having A Day Like Alexander?

I know, I know, it may sound cheezy, but today’s “Make It Monday” is all about how to make a good day.

Are you rolling your eyes yet?

Okay, so you wake up and it’s a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Your toast burns, your hair is doing that weird thing, you can’t find matching socks – whatever it is, it’s making you really irritated and want to crawl back in bed.

If you just want to wallow in your bad day, stop reading here. I mean, really – it’s your choice. Your family friends, and coworkers will thank you, though, if you decide that you’re not going to spend the entire day glaring and snapping at them.

So, here’s what you do:

1. Stop right there! Are all of these little things that are getting your day off to an annoying start a product of a bigger issue? If so, recognize that and focus your energy on the real issue. Didn’t get enough sleep? Make it a point to take a short nap at lunch today. Having issues with your significant other? List all of the reasons you love them in your head, and focus on those for the day until you have time to talk to them.

If the little things aren’t the product of a bigger bad, stop whatever it is you’re doing, whatever it is that’s keeping you from getting ready, and do something else. Can’t find socks? Go brush your teeth and come back to it. My mom has a fail-proof way of getting rid of stress in the moment: Stop it. Take 3 deep breaths. On the last breath, invision putting your problem in a bubble, and blowing it away really hard. Yeah, it sounds silly, and there have been times that I rolled my eyes when she suggested it, but it works.

2. Do something silly. One of my favorite ways to stop myself from being too serious is to dance around like an idiot to one of my favorite songs. Who cares if someone sees you? You’ll have made two people laugh – yourself and them. Another good one is to make stupid faces at yourself in the mirror. Seriously, the more juvenile, the better. We’re going for giggles, here.

3. Get busy.  Get on with your day, and if work is what’s bringing you down, bring something along that makes you smile. An Icee from the gas station is cheap, delicious, and turns your tongue funny colors. Just a thought.

Hope you all have a great day!

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