A Lazy Sunday After A Very Busy Month

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about – it’s that I haven’t had time!

Mom’s been sick, I’ve been sick, there have been doctor’s appointments, decorating, church fundraisers, volunteering, snow … and very little work has gotten done. Hopefully, now that everyone’s feeling better, we can get our plans for the business hashed out for the year and really get going again. As they say (whoever they are,) “Life happens.” It really does.

At least I was able to snap some photos of the recent wintery weather we had, and the beautiful campus we now live on:

The week North Texas turned into Narnia.


You just can't take an ugly picture of snow.

Anyway, I hope every one of you is well and that you’ve stayed far, far away from the nasty flu season. I hope you all had a love-filled Valentine’s Day, and that you had a great weekend!

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