Whatever Weekend – Oh hi! Are Your Friends Crazy, Too?

Last night was one of the most eventful parties I’ve been to in a very long time. Nope, I didn’t get drunk. I didn’t need to.

Some friends of ours had a white elephant gift exchange, a huge potluck of dinner and dessert, drinks, and a game gone wrong.

The gift exchange was harmless enough, until my turn:

The note inside the bag said, "Put on the hat and blindfold, and wait to be escorted to your gift." Eeek!

Next thing I knew, the lights were low, there was some, shall we say “suggestive” music playing, and the blindfold was ripped off to reveal a scantily clad friend wrapped in Christmas lights and tinsil! After a few minutes of him dancing and me shrieking and pushing him away, it was all over. Thank goodness. Then, since everyone gets a chance to “steal” a gift, my husband chose to steal mine! He leveled the playing field by embarrassing our scantily clad dancer, though, and it felt justified. (For the record, my gift was stolen twice – quite the popular item!) In the end, I ended up getting a rather prehistoric looking necklace (pictured on my head) and a green satin bag of unknown origin:

The hubs got silly bands shaped like sushi. 🙂

Sorry about the blurry pictures. The photographer wasn’t drunk, either, but she did have a camera with a mind of it’s own.

One of my favorites of the night was a plush viking hat, and a close second was the old boombox with one broken speaker. One of the weirdest was the figurine of a wolf nursing human children. Not sure how to feel about that, or the enthusiasm with which the winner received it!

The food, of course, was delicious. There were green beans, potatoes, casseroles, ham … then there was cake and brownies. Enough said. I was in heaven.

Somehow, our usual party game took a nasty turn when people started yelling over rule loopholes and noise level. Then there was wrestling, and we ultimately had to end the game because it wasn’t anywhere near over, most of the boys’ team had retreated outside to escape the madness, and people had to get up early in the morning. Oh well – we’re all friends, right? At the very least, the party was entertaining, and not one we will soon forget! I know I, for one, will be traumatized for life.

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