Weird Wednesday – I’m Dreaming Of A Weird Christmas

Wow. It’s been a week since I last blogged! Quick update: the Winter Wonderland Festival was a success! We raised a substantial amount of money for the church, the vendors did well, the kids had a blast … despite snafoos like the bouncehouse guy never showing up, and the wind being so strong that we had to move games inside, it went really well.

In other news, we’re listing more items in the shop this week to stock up for Christmas! You’ll find inexpensive stocking stuffers, more “just vintage” listings, and pretty, sparkly things to wear for the holidays, like this:

Sparkling Beaded Vintage Applique Brooch

Now, onto Weird Wednesday. Today’s collection is inspired by che4u’s (aka Gypsy Roses) Goin’ Stag Antlers:

Goin' Stag Costume Horns

Lump of Coal Soap by burntmill

Yellow Snow Winter Elegance Bracelet In Brilliant Citrine And Quartz Crystal by OneEyeCatDesigns

Loopy Art Doll - Valerie by loopyboopy

Hoping you’re all enjoying the holidays this season!

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