Whatever Weekend – Happy Anniversary, Have Some Shoes

Tomorrow, my husband and I will be married for 2 years! He’s taking the day off, and we’re going to spend the whole day together. I’m going to fix him one of his favorite breakfasts – strawberries and biscuits, and we’re going to do whatever we darn well please.

I don’t know what the traditional 2 year gifts are (I think year 1 was paper,) but this year he got a coffee pot, and I got some shoes. Yep. And we gave them to each other early, because, let’s be honest, we have nowhere to hide a coffee pot and a pair of boots and flats from each other. It’s like trying to play hide and seek in our apartment – it just doesn’t work. To be fair, I do have a couple of little surprises for him tomorrow, but that’s about it – shoes and coffee. To be fair, Tom loves coffee and can’t live without it, and a dripping caraffe was really getting on his nerves. He was happy to get a new coffee pot; actually, he asked for it. And honestly, I love shoes, and I couldn’t think of anything else to ask for. My beloved boots are beginning to fall apart, and I need a new pair. 

It’s ironic that a barefoot runner bought his wife shoes, that a girl who’d rather have a good cup of tea bought her husband a coffee pot, and you might laugh at the mundane nature of the gifts, but why get something the other won’t use? We’re easily amused and completely content, and genuinely want to make sure the other is happy with their gift. So what if they weren’t wrapped? So what if we didn’t wait until tomorrow to exchange them? Now, every morning Tom makes coffee, he’ll think of me, and every time I slip on my favorite pair of shoes, I’ll think of him.

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One response to “Whatever Weekend – Happy Anniversary, Have Some Shoes

  1. Congratulation ! ! ! ! On you anniversary ! !
    Coffee pot and shoes sound like great gifts.
    Love and Best Wishes for many more Happy Anniversaries .

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