Whatever Weekend – Grandma Joy and Grandpappy Happy & Why I (Still) Love to Color

Well, it’s raining here, so the garage sale we’ve been planning for weeks has been postponed to next weekend. I guess that means I’ll have time this weekend to finish my Halloween projects, and look around to see if there’s anything else I can sell (because I know there is.)  I bought some poppies from the dollar store to add to our Wizard Of Oz trunk decorations to make it “3D.” I’ve really enjoyed this project – dealing with a bigger canvas than usual makes me feeling like I’m coloring a giant coloring book. 

Coloring is kind of a tradition in our family. Someone gets sick or has to stay in the hospital, you bring them a coloring book and crayons. Someone’s having a bad day? Coloring book. Bored? Color. You get the idea. When Mom was sick, I got her an Alice In Wonderland coloring book and some Crayolas. I ended up coloring the most pictures (at her request,) but it helped me escape for a second, and it gave her something pretty to look at. I remember the first time I learned to color the way I still do now, with different strokes, shading in the picture, filling in the lines. I’m still a little kid, just in a bigger package. 

I tell you that, because want to tell you about my Aunt Joyce. She’s an artist living in Las Vegas, who has recently branched out into creating a series of kids’ coloring books. The books are based on two characters, Grandma Joy and Grandpappy Happy, who travel around the United States with their grandkids to teach them about each state through experience. Aunt Joyce also dresses in character as Grandma Joy, and visits kids in school to teach them about the U.S.

Grandma Joy, talking to the kids about Alaska.

She just opened an etsy shop, alstoncolors, for her educational coloring books. So far, Nevada, California, Florida, Texas, and New York are available for purchase. I can’t wait to see her shop fill up! She’s doing great things for her community, and now she’s branched out internationally. I think it’s pretty awesome and inspiring. The books are great for boys and girls, and would make a fun Christmas gift, so check out her shop!

All this talk about coloring makes me hungry. I think I’ll go have some toast and strawberry jam. Enjoy your weekend!

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2 responses to “Whatever Weekend – Grandma Joy and Grandpappy Happy & Why I (Still) Love to Color

  1. WOW ! ! ! ! ! Thanks Chelsea,
    How very nice of you to write such nice things about me and my coloring books.You are such a sweetheart,
    And the links you sent were very helpful.
    Computers are kinda not my thing ! ! ! ! ! BUT, I’m learning LOL.
    Love you, Aunt Joyce

  2. Aw, I love you, too, Aunt Joyce! I’d say you’re doing pretty well with the computer thing. I’m glad the links helped, and if you ever need anything, let me know!

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