Thoughtful Thursday – Sadness, Gladness, and A Little Madness

These past couple of weeks have been doozies. Some close friends of ours lost their father/grandfather, who was an amazing man. He was an inventor and entrepreneur, and his family loves him very much. One of my online friends, a sweet woman who just recently had a baby, also lost her father. This is why the holidays are such a hard time of year for so many people. It’s hard not to associate the sadness with the season. We’re praying and hoping for them to have peace.

We also found out, though, that two of our friends are expecting their first children! Yay! We are now friends with three couples expecting babies for the first time. We’re so excited for them; soon, I’ll be going into full-fledged baby gift making mode.

There’s also the fact that things have just been downright hectic. Mom and I are planning a big yard sale to help “clean house” so she can find a new place to live (and not have to worry about moving as much stuff.) Then there’s a whole issue with our healthcare system that I won’t even get into right now. She’s also been helping me with my Trunk Or Treat costume, and I’ve been making our trunk decorations. Of course, there’s the mondo-project of the Winter Wonderland Festival, which is starting to take shape! I’m trying to find room to store the boxes of decorations people have donated, and so many people have offered to help. It’s warmed my heart to see how many people are willing to donate their time and effort.

My husband just said to me yesterday that he thinks he’s overextended himself. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to ask for help and say no when I just can’t do something (though I don’t always do it,) but I understand where he’s coming from. Sometimes I wonder if it will all get done!

On top of everything, there’s a stomach bug going around that we’ve been trying to avoid. Today, it sounds like Mom may have gotten it. One of the local high schools had hundreds of students and about 10 teachers out from school because of it – nasty stuff. All I’m hoping right now is that Mom feels better, that neither Tom or I get it, and that it doesn’t rain this weekend. I’m just gonna believe it will all work out, because it always does.

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