Tuesday’s Treasure – All I Want For Christmas

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Despite a stubborn wisdom tooth trying to force its way into my mouth, it’s a beautiful day and there’s lots to be done.

As I was browsing through the etsy treasuries, I was so inspired by this one:

Psst Husband ... For Christmas I Want ...

I wasn’t necessarily inspired by the content of the treasury (although I love the clock and hanging terrarium kit!) I was inspired by the idea – what a great way to make a wish list! Create something beautiful, showcase etsy sellers’ items, hopefully make the front page, and give a little “ninja hint” to your significant other. P.S. – A “ninja hint” is just a term for a sneaky hint, or a sarcastic term for a not-so-sneaky hint, that my husband coined. Love him.

So, I decided to make my own wish list. Honey, hint, hint.

All I Want For Christmas

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