Make It Monday – A Business Card Stand In 5 Easy Steps

This weekend, I decided that I needed to make a business card stand for our craft show booths. Last show, we just put a few cards on the table, and it got a little messy after a while. So, this morning I made one! Here are 5 easy steps to creating a one of a kind card stand.

What you need

Your Supplies

About a foot of thick wire (18 gauge is good)

Needlenose/round needlenose plyers

Wire cutters, if your plyers don’t have them

Step 1

Bend 2 corners, 1.25" apart in the middle of your wire.


 Step 2

Bend each side into a "V" shape, slightly taller than the height of your card.

Step 3 

Make another bend on the other side of the "V."

 Step 4

Bend one more time, allowing space for your cards to rest.
Step 5

Cut the wire, leaving room to create a design to hold your cards in the front. I chose a heart, but you can simply loop the ends, creat spirals or other shapes!

This is a quick and easy project that you can do while you’re waiting for dinner to cook. It took me about 15 minutes to finish, but could take a little longer if you don’t have much experience working with wire. I used steel wire, which is a little sturdier and harder to bend than, say, copper wire. For practice, you may want to use a softer wire or a thinner gauge. Add beads or charms for color and added interest if you like. Once it’s finished, you can make minor adjustments to be sure the stand lays flat against its surface (don’t worry if it looks a little wonky while you’re bending the wire!) Viola! You have a unique and personalized spot for your business cards.

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2 responses to “Make It Monday – A Business Card Stand In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Julie Robinson

    Awesome idea!

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