Tuesday’s Treasure – Treasury Jackpot

Beside the flu shot throbbing in my left arm (still – go get one!), this has been a great week. We’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in 4 treasuries since last weekend:

I Wonder If Monkeys And Bats Can Be Friends by alterdelenda

Maintain Simplicity by merriweathercouncil

The Curious Estate of Dr. And Mrs. Jedediah Tinnan, Lot 443 by palimpsestic

Stitching Together The Fabric Of Our Lives by ohlookitsarabbit

I’m not sure what brought on the treasury madness, but I like it!

This week, I’m cleaning up the apartment for a Premiere Jewelry Party I’m hosting for a friend. I’m also getting our Halloween costumes together! I found a cheap Dorothy costume, and am working on the scarecrow costume and background for Trunk Or Treat. After that, all we need is some thrifty clothing for a werewolf costume and we’re set.

Mom and I are getting ready for a yard sale next weekend, which will hopefully be a huge success so she’ll have less to move when she finds a new place. Also hoping the weather stays sunny and cool – prime sale conditions.

Hope everyone is having a great week, too!

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